River Island: High Summer Lookbook photo shoot and Collection preview

Last night was a preview of their High Summer collection for May, June and July 2011. This innovative evening was an eye-opener, a mix of a host event, photo shoot (with gorgeous and healthy models) and live streaming! The live photo shoot was for the production of their most recent lookbook, which was live streamed to their App - very cutting edge. 

Some of these press events can usually be quite monotonous and you just want to get in and out, but this one kept my attention from start to finish - I didn't want to leave.

The clothes were in hues of burnt coppers, oranges, splash prints, with cut out accents and lots of texture synonymous with the theme of Marrakech, with neon featuring heavily. There were lots of wearable styles that can follow through the seasons. The turban is the only trend I see as an actual trend, but this will be adapted in the form of a tied headband, a more wearable interpretation. All in all a spot-on collection for High Summer. 

I can be a bit of snob with regard to certain high street brands but not River Island. They excite me and I keep coming back for more each season. This is also a brand that I promote to my high end clients, as RI are a perfect example of it not always being about expensive designer wares (if that's the mindset). River Island helps in my quest to educate.

Keith of the RI PR team chatting with guests
Cool footwear for men - all about texture: suede, canvas and woven leather

and bottom

The magic of live streaming on display

Emanuel of RI PR team showing the shots as they were taken - live streamed to an Ipad

Cool DJ 
Cool cocktails

Cool henna designs courtesy of Shamim

Some cool tees. Guys, layer them as shown here

Green on black - always a FAB look! 

Another fab look! Love the neon heels and white eyelet top

Love the print on this cut-out one piece ! Very flattering

This was a fab look - one of my faves

The creative process - behind the scenes

Statement shoes are still a key look for SS11 and AW11

Love the outfit, just hate boating shoes!! 
This is a great look for summer

The wonders of live streaming
I think I was distracting him - accidentally on purpose!
Very James Dean 
Nice rucksack :)

So Studio 54

The awesome fashion photographer - Diana Gomez

Hot body - non anorexic models rule!

Linen shirt with a hood - a modern twist

High summer is all about fit bodies. Oops! I mean neon beachwear 

More ummm...neon beachwear
 I totally forgot it was winter outside...Can you blame me?

You've had a sneak peak at a few of the looks, so make sure you check out all of them for summer inspiration when the River Island High Summer lookbook goes online on Monday at

Thank you to all at the River Island Press Office - A fun, hi-tech evening.

River Island will feature in my Best of British series posts in the near future - so watch this space.



Miyako said...

thank you for brightening up my grey working day here! :) great to see the evidence of your enthusiasm and your participation in these events here. it is so refreshing to scroll down from one summer look to another, and i am seriously considering getting my hubby ready for that neon look for summer season lol! (getting him the bright pants is the easy bit.......)

Camillea said...

Hey! I'm sure your handsome hubby will look as good as my imaginary hubby (model shown above :) Show him the pics and he'll see neon pink shorts are still very manly.

Thanx for the feedback Miyako x

Blah Blah Becky said...

Yummy photos, I didn't even notice the neon shorts.... ;-)

Thanks for sharing it looks like a fun evening! The clothes are beautiful - why can't it be summer nooooow?!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of River Island and I love the yellow and black platforms! When will they be in the shops?

Nat Art Creative Services said...

Fantastic blog thanks CamilleA.

I wait with baited breath for the next one.

Really good photos content and quality.

The clothes are also looking good can’t wait till they are available. Creative Services

The Haute Hoosier said...

Nice beachwear! I love styled beach outfits instead of just throwing on a swimsuit. The turban is my favorite. I wish I had the guts to pull one off!

Arash Mazinani said...

Thanks for coming through and commenting on my blog. Ha ha I don't hold it against you for oogling at the guys despite what I said in my post, although your comments have now made me want to go and bust out 1000 sit ups ha ha!

I used to work for River Island their menswear is alright, but they used to spoil it by putting random logos and numbers on them. I hope that's something they've stopped.

Camillea said...

Nice to meet you via your blog and thanks for stopping by. That evening was a lot of fun I must admit.

Ex RI, interesting. Of all the men's clothing, (my particular interest that evening) I didn't see any logos and numbers cos' I don't like all that malarkey either. I think they may have moved on from that now. But I'll find out for sure from the guys at RI PO and let you know.

the geeeeerman said...

great clothes...great blog...MORE please....

Alexandria said...

Loved the blog ! it was informative and fun at the same time and the pictures make me want to go and browse the new collection for River island.
Really enjoyed reading!

Simon said...

Great to meet you at the RI event! Pics look fab darl!
Hope to see ya soon! xx

Camillea said...

Hey Simon! Likewise honey. Email or text me during LFW maybe we can do coffee between shows.
Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated x