London 2012 - My Summer of Love

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this magnificent city. But recent events have compelled me to write this latest piece.

This is the city I’ve known with all my heart and soul. I lived in many others over the years but this is my birthplace, my home. Yes, my roots are firmly in Africa, namely Ghana, and they are here too, in London, UK. How wonderful is that?

My mind is wide open to endless possibilities and the realness that this city brings. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have witnessed it all, yet for me, the good always outweighs the bad.

The phenomenal London 2012 Olympic Games has cemented what I always knew. We kicked some serious ass. And as for the medal tally - Wow! The United Kingdom brought them home! It was momentous, historic and an unforgettable event. Bring on the Paralympics! 

The haters can keep hating, but London stands tall and represents every single time - from riots to triumph. When we’re down we get straight back up. Without question or doubt – why would we do anything less? I am truly energized and uplifted in these trying global times. Money doesn’t bring me happiness, good people and great hearts do.

For all you ‘Londoners’ out there that are weary of this special town or a little fearful – face your fears because most of the time that’s all they are. Embrace and appreciate this city for all it has given you. As what is the alternative? You leave? We live in a free (ish) democratic society so the choice is yours…

I’ve just spent most of the Bank Holiday weekend at the Notting Hill Carnival, which I’ve missed for the last couple of years. I went and celebrated life, music and people with friends and strangers. It was a spiritual moment. This is the feeling that music and good vibes always brings to my being. I got taken to my ‘church’, a place where I can feel free, happy and forget my troubles.

I can truly say this has been one of the most amazing summers I have ever experienced and so proud to have witnessed. I feel quite emotional writing this (nothing new there then ;) as we’ve had tough times as a city, as a nation and a people.  I’m inspired to focus on the positives and feel elated – and ever ready to take on the future.

We are one!

Doing the 'MoBot'

Happy people everywhere1

It's all love

It’s been a great summer of 2012. It’s a great life.

Thank you London. Wherever I go in this world you’ll always be my one and only true love...

From this Londoner with Love.

Kate Middleton is the cover girl for Vanity Fair's September Issue

For some reason I didn't think she would go down this route, but hey I stand corrected.

This isn't a criticism she should tread carefully as you can't control the media. And once you go down a certain route there is no going back...

This is a major coup for Vanity Fair.

*Exclusive* Dr.Jart+ launch.. Finding your BB

Korea’s No.1 beauty range is now here in the UK.
Yesterday, I went along to Dr.Jart+ press preview launch yesterday at the London Film Museum. When I entered I was encouraged to think about my skincare needs before choosing the right BB for my skin with the help of a maze with questions that directed you to the right product - a choice of four. The experience was fun and different..

BB stands for Beauty Balm but its definition is different to the usual Beauty Balms we know. BBs in this instance, is an all in one skincare product - it is a moisturizer, serum and foundation with quality, power-packed ingredients.

After you decide on which BB is best suited. When applying please remember LESS IS MORE. Apply little by little and blend. If you are darker than a light Asian (Aishwarya Rai) or light black skin tone (Beyoncé), the WATER FUSE is the best product for you. I have a dark black skin tone with red under tones so will use it as a primer, not as a foundation. Once it settled, my skin felt like glass. Which makes it a perfect canvas for make up application.

I had the privilege to meet with the CEO of Dr Jart+ and with a Dr Jart+ team member translating, I requested a clear version that would suit all women of colour. He seriously took my feedback on board, so watch this space…

The products launch online today at and are exclusive to Boots.

Go check it out and find your own BB….
Feel free to give me your feedback and I’ll gladly pass it on seeing as I now have the hook up with the CEO himself. ;)

Whitney Houston – My role model and style icon

“I believe that children are our future – teach them well and let them lead their way.”

That is exactly what Whitney Houston did for me growing up in the 80s and 90s – she showed me a bright future and taught me so well, a young black girl trying to find herself in a world that confused her and oftentimes isolated her. 

My first most impactful visual of Whitney was her ‘Greatest love of all’ and 'Saving all my love' videos.
Her model looks and effortless style with hair forward framing her face and wrapped with a cool black band. Her netted shift dress and leather biker jacket – she looked so chic she communicated that look in the same way as if she were wearing an evening dress for a black tie event. All the the looks were simple and stunning.

Her style has set trends. Her beauty has set trends. Her videos has set trends. Actually trend is the wrong word as its defines a short period. Correction: she set the standards for us to follow. Timeless standards. She made me feel that it was ok to have big frizzy hair and her model height filled me with glee when as an adolescent the awkwardness of my height was at its height - She made me walk tall.

My friend Marco just texted me to turnover from the negative news channels with their putdowns and innuendos to Magic (radio) TV channel – It’s a Whitney day.. 'How will I know' is playing. “I tried to phone but I’m too shy – can’t speak…” Memories.

The ‘I have nothing’ video from the Bodyguard movie soundtrack made me scour East Street and Church street markets for similar headdress and jewellery.  In those days finding decent make up choices for black skin was rare but I hunted down those lip colours she wore in her videos relentlessly often to no avail. But they are here now - women of colour have endless choices now.

I wanted her hair, her style, beauty, her acting ability. I never ever yearned for her voice, as I knew that she was a ‘supreme songbird’ and was one of a kind.

Today I feel like I’ve lost a big sister and a friend. No, I never knew nor met her but I know she stopped me from going down certain bad roads in my London bred teenage years - as she was such a positive role model for me growing up. The irony, she who later succumbed to those negative roads. She steered me away from them because I saw the future in her bright eyes, in her soul and voice – a bright future for me that said regardless of where you come from, the colour of your skin or what you look like - who you are - YOU ARE SOMEBODY SPECIAL.

'It’s alright but its ok' video – (in Dolce and Gabbana)

And I will always love you Whitney. Today I can’t stop crying but will always be inspired and motivated by what you've done and shared with us all.

Thank you and Rest In Peace.

Whitney Houston 1963-2012