Day 2 - London Fashion Week AW11

On Saturday I was running late and missed my first show of the day - Bernand Chandran, so went straight to Belle Sauvage instead. It was staged in an old sorting office in Holborn... 

13.30pm: Belle Sauvage
Whilst we waited, the paps went mad for Diana Vickers (X factor) and others I did not recognise. Alesha from BNTM was also there,  I did wonder why she was sitting in the front row and not walking the catwalks of LFW. 

Anyway, my fashion friend Valeria of Trisori accessorised this cool collection. Only two mediocre pics I'm afraid...

15.15pm: John Rocha
John Rocha is an A-list designer that I truly respect. This show was packed to the rafters - even ticket holders were being turned away from Somerset House. It was a crazy scenario and my pics really don't do justice to this collection.

John Rocha's finale. His trademark long flowing black hair is now totally grey.

16.45pm: Jacob Kimmie
Headed to my favourite venue, Freemason's Hall for the next show. Jacob Kimmie looked like Fat Joe the rapper. He really did not look like your usual fashion designer - it was a nice surprise. 
I think I've slightly redeemed myself with these pics - the live sculptures were interesting...

Jacob Kimmie at the finale

On Day 2, I realised there were definite themes which I'll write about in my summary of LFW after these day posts. One stand-out theme was S&M.

18.45pm: Carlotta Gherzi for Sado
Last but not least was Carlotta Gherzi. Who, had people fighting for the front row, watching them cram in like sardines was hilarious and an indicator that something good was coming. I did not have a clear line of sight to capture decent shots for this one. 

Feeling absolutely shattered. I decided to give the after-parties a miss and go home and draft this. All that walking in the rain from venue to venue really took it out of me.

The Mulberry show was the next morning, I knew I wouldn't make it. My fashion friend Hanna (BSF mag) was sure to and promised to fill me in. There were other exciting shows ahead and I hoped for no rain on Sunday.

Oh yes, nearly forgot had a nice little chat with my (imaginary) friend Hilary Alexander that day ;) Will tell you all about that in my summary too.

Day 3 post coming soon...



One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

These photos are great, shame you missed the first show though! I love the daily LFW updates on your page.

Lacoste de Ross said...

Absolutely loving the Jacob Kimmie and John Rocha pictures, the clothes were also fab along with the beautiful models.

Please do indulge us in this S&M theme you think is emerging.

Keep the posts coming absolutely fantastic reading. Thanks for your wonderful insight.

Anonymous said...

hey. looking out the window into a grey and foggy day in lausanne BUT thanks to ur blog i can feel the london buzz!!!! just as if i was one of the front rowers fighting for a seat. great job. keep it up. looking 4ward to day 3.