The Circuit Collective Showcase at The Russian Club

Day 5 of London Fashion Week took me far from the madding crowd - to The Russian Club in the East End, a showcase of extremely talented, independent designers who in their own words: 

Provide a platform for designers and the fashion forward vanguard to showcase their latest innovations. With a view to highlighting bespoke fashion pieces, whilst promoting difference, and an experimental attitude to design.

The Russian Club is a deceiving venue, it looks a lot more intimate on the outside but as you enter, turns into this sprawling underground studio space. I blew out mainstream LFW and went to support one of the designers in the Circuit Collective, Rui Leonardes whose partner Jeff is a close friend of mine. 

The AW11 collections were displayed in one studio. I looked to my left and right and saw what I thought were installations or works of art on the walls. Which turned out to be after discussion with designers Hannah Kates-Morgan and Simone Brewster, Hannah's hat and Simone's jewellery collections - well I never. How stupid did I feel?! Rui's menswear, Derek Lawlor's women's knitwear, Rachel Freirel's womenswear and Eelko Moorer's footwear were layered in between and Catherine Anyango's fashion film was shown in one corner. 

As soon as you walked in you became intrigued by what was on display...  

Rui Leonardes

Rui and his menswear collection

Hannah Kates-Morgan 

Me wearing a Hannah Morgan creation

Hannah in one of her hats made of beech plywood and aluminium rods!

Derek Lawlor

Derek supports Art Against Knives

Derek has collaborated with illustrator Alec Strang to produce a range of chiffon prints

Catherine Anyango

Her fashion film 'Vanity and Shame' 
Eelko Moorer's footwear featured

Catherine is a tutor at the Royal College of Art

Simone Brewster

Simone's designs have been featured in Italian Vogue and Elle UK

Simone wearing one of her creations

 Rachel Freire
Jus in Bello 

Rachel has been working with ECCO leather
to create new materials

Eelko Moorer

Eelko also designs fashion accessories, furniture and
conceptual installations 

After eight, the after party started and was a fusion of fashion, music and performance. 

Billy Ray Martin of Electribe 101 fame kicked off the party, which continued with a performance in the dark by an outstanding violinist and a ballerina who wore pieces from Rachel Freire's collection. At the same time a short film was also played. 

Billy Ray Martin - she has an amazing voice live!

They wore Rachel Frierel's pieces well

Teresa in Alexander Wang and Ugeeta in Derek Lawlor

I want this jacket! 

These designers are taking control of their destiny with integrity. 

I initially came to support Rui and left supporting the whole collective. I'm truly impressed by the beautiful designs and what they are doing.

I really enjoyed myself. The guests were friendly and fun, lots of 'beautiful' people who were not full of themselves. I had to leave before midnight as I wanted to be fresh for the menswear shows at Somerset House the following day. I didn't want to leave, the drinks and music was flowing, the vibe was great, and surprisingly no-one ruined any of the 'installations' or collections :)

Thank you Rui, Derek, Hannah, Simone, Elkoo and Catherine. I look forward to what lies ahead - and to next season.




Sounds like an awesome experience! Those aluminum hats are so unique & futuristic. This honestly looks more like a modern art museum than a fashion showcase -- in a good way!

Martina Macpherson said...

Love it Camille! Speak very soon - know you are busy thsi week!! :-)

Yohanna said...

Love Love Love! thanks for the write up! I wish I was there! Gorgeous pics btw!!
talk soon hun!x