Day 3 - London Fashion Week AW11

My boiler had broken down in the middle of night, so I awoke to no heating and hot water! As you can imagine getting a plumber in on a Sunday was fun!? After the plumber came and everything was in working order at home, I headed to London Fashion Week to make the 4.30pm Fashion Mode show at Freemason's Hall.  

Fashion Mode is a collective of three designers Florian Jayet, James Hillman and Carlotta Actis Barone..

This show re-energised me and I totally let go of the bad start I had to the day. I was so glad I made it in time to see these designers..Take a look - there are some stunning pics in this post! 

4.30pm: Florian Jayet

Next up from Fashion Mode was menswear designer...

James Hillman

Carlotta Actis Barone

Carlotta Actis Barone was the final designer of this trio. She was the most Avant Garde.

Fashion Mode Finale

After the show, I chilled out in the media lounge with Hanna of BSF magazine until we headed to the next show at the Charing Cross Hotel. Stephen Mahoney came in with two women whom I assumed were also 'in the business', we had another nice chat and he gave me more words of wisdom before he went off.

We moved on to A La Mode's presentation to see Zed Eye's show....

8pm: Zed Eye

As a stylist I was beside myself with hope and inspiration after this day. I knew the future of fashion was very bright, the spotlight needs to shine over talent not just the A-list with all the funding. I'll save my rants/thoughts for the summary post at the end of LFW.

Day 4 - Unfortunately didn't attend LFW. Stayed away to recharge and evaluate all the designers so far - lots of pen to paper.

Days 5 and 6 to follow...


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Lacoste de Ross said...

The pictures from the Florian Jayet show were my favourite. They were fantastic. Also once again you do not fail on the commentary. Keep up the good work. Waiting anxiously for Day 5 & 6.