Day 1 - London Fashion Week AW11

A Karma-Style perspective

Dressing up is second nature to me, but when London Fashion Week (LFW) comes round my anxiety levels rise. The pressure to look good is immense. I know I'm not trying to find a solution to world peace, just an outfit, but it's not an easy task. I settled on a black Capucci silk blouse and black Nicole Farhi leather midi skirt, Spanx tights (of course!) and Arturo Chang pumps.

Fyi - I tried my hardest to get some good shots for you, but it wasn't easy. I'm no David Bailey, the sheer volume of bodies, seating allocation and elaborate headwear as well the crazy bright lights in the BFC tent made it quite a challenge. And don't get me started on the models, walking too fast, stopping too early on the catwalk etc. etc. 

Anyway enough about me. First stop, Jena Theo - 11am at OnOff Studios in Covent Garden. They are a British Anglo-Greek duo who won 2009's Fashion Fringe. The venue is small compared to the BFC tent but much better for taking pics. 

The show had connotations of Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome. 
Take a look.

Jena Theo

Jena Theo at the Finale

12noon: Prophetik @ Freemason's Hall 

Walked all the flipping way to Somerset House before I realised the show was at the Freemason's Hall - durrhh! Jeff Garner is the ethical designer the fashion elite are raving about. Personally I can't wait for the day when an ethical designer's designs don't look ethical, am just saying - have to be honest.

Jeff Garner at the Finale

Met up with my fellow fashion friend and stylist Charles Ampadu who invited me to the 15.45pm Aminata Wilmont show at BFC tent (main stage at LFW). No decent pics I'm afraid. The next show was at 7pm so I hung around and chatted with various strangers, fashionistas and wannabees. At one point I just sat and people watched.

7pm: Bora Aksu 

Bora Aksu was an unexpected surprise - everyone wanted to see this show. It was packed out and had a good assortment of front row; Twiggy, Beverley Knight, Keisha from the proper Sugarbabes and many  others I didn't know. Stephen Mahoney was directly in front of me, he turned around asked me who I was, and after the introductions began telling me great stories of the days of the 'supermodel' and his life in the industry. A lively, respected and lovely man who gave me some sound advice. Then the show began...

This is how to take a great picture.
My friend and stylist Charles Ampadu took this money shot at Bora

On a high from Bora Aksu's show we went on to the Ashley Isham show at OnOff. The queue was outrageous and the doorman was screaming as if we were 18yr olds at a warehouse rave - Oh no he didn't! So off we went and decided to call it a day on the shows and moved on to party - The Hospital Club. A private members club where I met some interesting and fun people. One of whom was a lovely older man called Mario but tonight he was 'Anna' with matching wig and heels :) He turned out to be Marco Testa - Italian hairstylist for all the top shows such as Gucci, Ferragamo etc. Remember the River Island model from my previous post - yes the hot, flirty one well he was there too.. ;)

One piece of celeb juice - a famous US personality (who shall remain nameless on my blog/twitter) caught with man in broom cupboard, was then subsequently chucked out when she screamed from the cupboard "We just need 20 minutes!!!" LOL! 

Day 1 was productive, exhausting and very very interesting....

Day 2 (said in style of Big Brother geordie accent) to follow....


One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

Oooh this looks fabulous. I love the big chunky cardigans of the first show. These photos are amazing!!

Camillea said...

Thanx for your feedback. I'm really trying hard to get decent pics so means a lot. Bora Aksu's show was my fave of the day.

chasebond said...

Loving your pictures. Good work. Keep it up. Its fab writing.

Camillea said...

Thank you Charles for everything - I really appreciate your kindness. See you at Somerset House later x

Lacoste de Ross said...

You might not be David Bailey by name but you have taken some fantastic photos and the commentary was great. I almost felt as if I were there. Keep up the excellent work CamilleA

Anonymous said...

great blog camille. i totally get ur comment re the ethical designs! why does it have to look so ^heavy^?
wok hard, play hard my dear. how did the parties go? more news about the RI cutie?

dela said...

Hi Camillea,

this is my first time visiting your blog but I really like it. I discovered you thru the IFB Links a la Mode. Great coverage of LFW and trust I understand the pressure to get good pics, I had the same issues during NYFW. Either way, you're a great writer so keep the coverage coming!

P.S. Let me know if you're looking to network with other bloggers, I have an upcoming project to increase blogger influence that you may be interested in.

dela said...

Sorry, forgot to leave contact info, hit me via email and we'll chat.