Dolce & Gabbana party hosted by Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter - The party of the year

I am not worthy ;)

My party preparation was a full-on military operation, and carried out by New CID cosmetics’ experts; Hair: Isha Samms, Make-up: Michael Phillips. For my part: I prepped my skin with Darphin’s Micellar water, an all-in-one cleanser during the day and the Purifying balm at night a week before the ‘Big event’ to create a spot free, even-toned radiant complexion, Isha tamed my curly ‘fro to sleek, sophisticated perfection using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion products. Mikey took over my face to work his magic. Magic being the operative word, as I have no power to change my features and my hair has a mind of its own! I left New CID’s Burlington studios looking and feeling like Cinderella – and went home to get my glad rags on for the ball….

My anticipation and nerves in the cab dissipated as I walked the length and breadth of Westfield shopping centre trying get to the friggin Village offices! When I arrived I heard a ‘Ipad g-list’ girl say “I love that dress!” Someone thought I looked alright, which made me feel better. I walked up and into the vast Net-a-Porter space filled with ‘beautiful’ people. The majority had made a real effort to dress up for Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana. UK was representing and London was going in hard! I felt proud and ignored a disrespectful female in flip-flops to my left.

David Gandy - Superstar Supermodel

The Martini Gold cocktails and Italian canapes were served on rotation. For the first time ever, I chose to drink water.  It was all so perfect with the exception of one thing: the air conditioning in the main area wasn’t working. At times it felt like a sauna. My perfect hair turned to candy floss within the hour. As I gradually sweated out I thought “Why don’t you just get a weave, Camille?!” There was a cool photo-room with vintage Vespas and a Sicilian backdrop where everyone including Harold Tilman and Queen Latifah got involved in the fun.  Celebs were everywhere, including Naomi Campbell who is such a lovely person contrary to popular (media) belief. The people who you’d think would be lovely are horrible and vice versa. There was one celeb there that disappointed. They shall remain nameless...

Queen Latifah - The Diva

My highlight; meeting and hanging with the D&G digital and marketing team, and being introduced to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who are so down to earth. From the moment they arrived, mingled freely with us all - no hiding in a VIP room somewhere. I wish more famous people were like that. Domenico is quieter so I didn’t say much to him but gave him the thumbs up. I saw him clocking my Italian Gucci slingbacks – I had a feeling he approved. Stefano noticed my glass of water and asked me why I wasn’t drinking. He was so chilled. I shyly told him I didn’t want to and he said “Ah! It’s a party you must drink!” I didn’t - was on my best behaviour. In fact, I waited right until the end to have a cocktail for the road and to help absorb what was a truly spectacular evening. 

D&G baby!!! Giuliano Federico, Dennis Valle and moi

I won’t forget this experience in a hurry. Meeting Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana gave me another ‘Oprah’ moment. Their humble accessibility communicated that everybody is somebody, famous or not, rich or not. And what I know for sure is that we are all celebrities, and in my case I just haven’t got Naomi’s banging body, but am still grateful for what I’ve got. Are you?

Until next time,