Is that new?!?

Three irritating little words that signify my philosophy of reinvention…

Is that new?” Womankind has turned these words into a common catchphrase. It’s a trite question, which never ceases to aggravate me. I am asked this at the start of every new fashion season. In fact, when I think back, I’ve been asked the question all my adult life.

It can grate when a friend asks, but it’s worse when it comes from a random colleague or acquaintance, who sees me wearing a piece they’ve obviously never seen before.

My vexed, silent reaction is “Do you know the entire contents of my wardrobe?” “Have you even seen my dressing room much less?” The fact is, I myself am often surprised by what I discover within my boxes and trunks. That’s why it’s so easy to tell white lies to your partner when quizzed because how would he really know? Whether you’re a spendthrift or shopaholic someone, somewhere will inquire…

OK, so I wear a different outfit everyday and am therefore wide open to subjection, but honestly, at times I’d prefer to be asked: “Didn’t you sleep well last night?” or: “Have you put on weight?!”

I know this is an unusual rant for me but I’ll end on a positive note by saying everyday
is a new day and everyday is an opportunityfor reinvention. “Is that new?” can be seen
as an acknowledgement or validation of this.

For those of you who feel my pain, let’s be open to those three little words and take it as a compliment – not an intrusion – and always (well sometimes) answer truthfully
with a smile…

© Karma-Style 2010