2009 – What can I say?..A hell of a lot actually!

It was the year that gave birth to Karma-Style (Yay!), to America’s first black president AND his style icon wife (Yay! x2)...Oh yes and we're living through the worst financial crisis in recent modern times..but that's another story..

Late June brought sadness, a dear family friend passed away within the same week as the King of Pop. The negative press on MJ inspired me to put pen to paper and write something positive After this,my passion for writing was realised and unleashed, which in turn opened the door for me to write columns for Matchbox magazine! One thing I’ve learnt is great things can come out of everything, however harsh life can be..On the subject of life, this year, I became a great aunt! Yes I know I look too young and fly, but it’s true!

Fashion-wise it’s been pretty out there – Glam-punk (think Rihanna)and the Avant-garde (think Lady GaGa) ruled. Two surprise hits were jumpsuits and harem pants (I live in mine!). Structure, 80’s power dressing and shoulders all with a noughties space-age twist were huge and will continue to be for a while.. I’ll keep wearing my harems into 2010, the guys at the office will keep teasing and emailing me pics of MC Hammer! (I keep telling them mine are more Aladdin than MC Hammer as the crotch isn’t low!)

2009 was also, to quote Ne-yo, "The Year of the Gentlemen” the bar was raised big time, the styling of 2 and 3 piece suits has made us all sit up and take notice. The choices and colours are vast, pretty amazing actually. We are all dressing up again (Hallelujah!) My theory; the shift is psychological and has happened due to the world’s financial turmoil and consequent upheaval in people’s lives. Therefore to lift our spirits, the fashion industry (and we) have upped the glam factor with less throw away casual looks and more steadfast chic classics and bling fashion.

I've also discovered that my writing style is unusual in comparison to my fellow fashion bloggers out there. My blogs are long; I don’t promote any products, most of them don’t have pictures, I publish monthly etc..Saying that, I write what comes to me, I feel it, then tell the story. You all know I’m about reinvention, so I will aim to write more than one a month on blogspot, in the shorter, traditional sense of fashion/style blogs, in between my stories which will keep their monthly slot. It’s my essence, can’t lose that!

So for 2010, be cool, be Stylish but most importantly, be happy people..

Lastly, a big thank you for supporting Karma-Style and reading my long a** blogs. I’m on a roll now so please stick around for 2010.

Happy New Year!

© Camille Adomakoh – Karma-Style

Dressing for L.O.V.E or L.U.S.T

So, what do I mean by this? Let me break it down…when a woman dresses in an obvious, over-the-top, overtly sexual way, that is dressing for L.U.S.T in my opinion. In my eyes, there is a clear distinction between sexy and sleazy. For example, in style terms, sleaze = bum-flashing hot pants and thigh-high boots and sexy = black fitted top with black leather pants. Most women, I believe are naturally sexy, so leaving very little to the imagination undermines that natural power. Isn’t true sexiness mysterious and sensual? That unknown quality or element you just can’t physically see in a person.

A guy friend responded when I was talking to him the other day about this and the hot pants thing, he said “What’s wrong with that?” With a confused look on his face, in his eyes, hot pants and thigh-highs (on a fab body) are a great visual which he can be turned on by. I didn’t debate his response. I somehow knew it was futile at that moment to say that a fully-clothed woman could just look at him in a certain way and turn him on. I kept that food for thought to myself…

The other week, I watched an online documentary by Robert Winston – you know, the Professor with the Frankie goes to Hollywood/Village people tache! It was about sexual attraction and a key factor that brings men and women together is...SMELL! Yes, apparently we are more attracted to the smell of someone who has the total opposite genes to us, which in turn, would give our future children a greater chance of good health. Out there, but apparently true.

I personally, am very curvy with a double-alphabet bra size. If I went about my everyday business, however comfortable with my sexuality, with below-sea-level cleavage, pushed up and out-of-door á la Pammy or Jordan, what am I saying to the world?
A. That I have big breasts.
B. A + and I want you all to see them all day every day - up in your face! Or
C. My boobs define who I am through my style?

Those of you who know me, know that I do show cleavage at times and yes, I cannot hide them but much prefer to be selective. It’s just not stylish to do so 24/7, and the men in my life have loved that about me. Whether they respect me more who knows...One thing for sure is I respect myself more by dressing for L.O.V.E – the true love of myself. So if I wear a short dress or show cleavage I make a point to class it up - not trash it up.

Ladies, all I’m saying is there are so many other ways to get a man’s attention, and when you do ‘sex- it-up’ they appreciate it more. This albeit from my stylist point of view, that errs on the prudish side, from my female point of view?! Style isn’t about not wearing any clothes – it’s all about wearing clothes!

I dress men and women to empower and bring great visual qualities to the fore. And no, I’ve never dressed any of my male clients eg. with shirt unbuttoned to the belly button to show a buff waxed six-pack torso! (Life isn’t an Armani billboard – unfortunately?!!) I’ve never had to tone them down to be less sexual. Funny that eh?! Let’s stop trying to meet the biased standards set by them.

It’s amazing how a person’s style can bring up so many elements of the human experience, love, hate, sex, trauma, insecurities, politics, joy and pain…

My aim: to always bring forward as many positive visuals as I possibly can.

This blog has obviously been more controversial than my others. Please feel free to comment through the red link below as I would love to get your thoughts on this.

Until next time..
© Camille Adomakoh - Karma-Style

"Vintage into the Future" shoot - Oct 09

Photographer: Yohanna Akladious
Hair & Make-up: Ana Popescu
Model: Barbra P at MandP models
Stylist: Me

fashion finds
It all began last week with a reluctant journey to sunny South Bermondsey. I dragged myself and a big old suitcase to London Bridge to catch the overground to my destination. Had an attitude, due to the fact that I had to wake early on a Sunday and travel to one of my least favourite places in London. Anyway, Diva set off, luckily by the time I got to Baker St, the portion of the Jubilee line that I needed was actually running – Shock-horror! More good news when I got to London Bridge, South Bermondsey was only 5 minutes from there.

Got there bang on time and waited for Yohanna - the photographer, at the bottom of the red stairs as instructed. Five minutes into my wait, a brunette lady with what seemed to be just as much luggage as I, divided into three big bags, got out of a black cab. At the same time Yohanna appeared, walked up and gave the said lady a big hug. Ahhh I thought, she must be Ana, the make-up artist – she was. He then greeted me and gave us a quick intro as we set off on foot to the studio...

supermodel @Karma-styleblog.blogspot.comIn vogue styles

The studio was in the middle of an industrial estate which was in development, actually a better description would be a building site, as we clambered through muddy puddles and rubble. I was feeling nervous as I’d never worked with this team before. As soon as I entered the studio a sense of calm came over me when I saw Barbra P ‘the model’ lighting up one corner of it as she sat quietly. To say she was a natural beauty is an understatement.

More niceties were exchanged. Yohanna made sure we were all clear on the previously briefed concept I had conceived – Looks using vintage and new pieces to create Future Fashion. Ana got started on Barbra. I unpacked and hung up my outfits and laid out my accessories. A small ball of excitement was turning over in my belly the whole time. Yohanna set up and checked his lighting. We all went into our modes. I was taking mental notes of what I would create that day. Ana asked what was going to be my first outfit – I didn’t know – had to think quickly. I showed her my Legatte web detail dress. One whole piece which wasn’t too complicated, all it needed was tights and shoes. I could see Ana mind-mapping too as I showed her the rest of my pieces.

When Ana had finished her first look, Barbra P moved into my space, as soon as she put on the web dress, I got quite emotional. She looked like an ethereal princess. A simple, yet stunning effect. Everyone loved my clothes. I was so chuffed. I thought about how I used to be able to wear just about anything and look great. A voice in my head replied “Gone are those days love – they ain’t never coming back!”

At points, it felt like one big celebration – music playing, dancing, singing, gasping and bigging up Barbra and Yohanna. It was one huge in tune high. Artists in the process of creating. Just one glitch, some moaney woman from a neighbouring studio complained about the music being too loud, so I turned down Rihanna singing Jay Z’s “Run this Town tonight yeaaah eyee eyee yaaah..” to a lower level...until 20 minutes later...Workmen arrived on the development and started drilling and banging, banging and drilling – classic! The music went back up. I then realised everyone was creating something on the estate that day.

Yohanna was in his zone, contorting his body to capture his shots, and with such agility! Really impressive – directing as only he knows how. Perfectionist is his middle name, and as for Barbra - you can see she is perfection (The shots you see here have not been retouched! click on them to enlarge) At one stage we were joined by Louisa London, we stood behind Yohanna beside ourselves with excitement. It felt so positive, we all knew we were creating something amazing. I don’t think I breathed for the most part. Ana – Wow! – watching her paint her Barbra canvas and sculpt her elbow-length hair was a joy.

Looking at Barbra just made me what to improve on myself. She was just as beautiful inside as well as out. Thank you for the inspiration Barbra P.

The rest of the day played out at this artistic level. At some point we stopped briefly for lunch provided by Yohanna. Just in case you were wondering, yes Barbra ate too!

At the end we hugged and chattered at an exhausted high – which would slowly come down. We packed up our bits, Yohanna cleared and locked up the studio and we set off back through the rubble to the station in the rain! What a glamourous end eh?

At London Bridge we parted, confirming that we’d definitely work together again. None of us were being paid or commissioned to do this shoot. We did this because we love what we do and had no restrictions. Our results, in hundreds of pictures that would capture the day forever...

Vintage into the Future over and over again...

Sense Of Style - "S.O.S"

S.O.S is about creating your own signature look/vibe. You may think, she’s a stylist that’s easy for her to say. Yes, but there was a time (circa 1987) when I became a strange replication of Whitney Houston in her “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” video (YouTube). I thought I looked fab-u-lous (I so didn’t). In fact, at the time, my older siblings would protest when having to walk down the street with me!

Once I stopped trying to be Whitney, and with a little help from my ultimate style-icon - my mother. I learnt to develop my own, then my S.O.S blossomed into a style more akin to Whitney’s look in her “Saving All My Love(for you)” video - hip and classy - my signature look to this day.

What I’m saying is, be open, source great inspiration from everywhere to create your own.

Try this: Take 5 qualities from people or objects: eg; your sister’s confidence with colour, Victoria Beckham’s immaculateness or Gaultier’s creative longevity. Interpret them into a style that works and looks fab-u-lous on you. Also, ask honest, stylish people you trust for their opinion.

Remember – Your S.O.S is key, it’s YOUR identity – no-one else’s.

Until next time,


Fitness Fashion Fall-out

As you all know by now - fashion is my thing. I truly believe it is art in the form of shoes, clothes etc...Having a ‘good eye’ is one of the (actually it is the) only true talent I possess. So, why is it that when it comes to the gym or in my case, Pilates classes, does ‘my look and eye’ go right out the window? Take last Tuesday evening for example, I walked into the studio looking pretty on point if I say so myself - red Maje silk top, matching red lips and black Zara cropped baggy trouser - simple yet effective. As soon as I changed into my gym gear I looked like I was in desperate need of a style intervention – can you Adam and Eve it?!? – Picture this: grey ‘sort-of-yoga’ pants and navy ‘I ♥ NY’ t-shirt all bought at a bargain price from a couple of hip and happening (?!) market stalls in Chinatown, NYC! Other than the said outfit I’m usually in some nondescript black get up...the shame...

No one in the ‘know’ would believe or see that I was one of them - a ‘true fashionista’ (Oh get over yourself girlfriend what does that really mean!). I look around and I cannot tell if my fellow classmates are into Chanel or Church Street market. Nor, can I tell if someone’s wearing Stella McCartney or whichever designer that has a sportswear range, or an actual 'designer' range like Sweaty Betty (unless I see a logo, but who’s looking when legs are akimbo). It all looks the same anyway. No one really cares or appreciates designer gear in this environment. Being stylish or fashionable is not the common goal* (I can't believe I just said that!) - muscle tone and weight loss is.

The funny thing is that even the most gorgeous instructors make very little or no impact on what women in my classes wear - maybe the odd girl/woman will come to class wearing some up-the-bum thingy, ultra-tight skimpy outfit or short shorts and no knickers, but that’s not commonplace. The rest of us are just trying to make it through the gruelling workout. (Unlike the reaction to a new hot guy in an office - the attention-grabbing style stakes go right up!). Also, I’ve yet to see a woman with a full face of heavy make-up on - tell a lie, there is one woman but I’m sure she’s been tattooed, as she never has that smudged/washed away post-workout look.

So, why is style given a miss? Maybe it has something to do with sweating like a pig during these sessions. Yes, that has to be the reason. I personally try and avoid sweating in my non-gym ‘good’ clothes. Depending on the material, sweat can stain. Staining = sometimes having to throw away some fab pieces – and it cuts like a knife!

Interestingly, women in this environment look at other women’s bodies not what they are wearing. There is no moral or style advice to this story. It’s just an observation I wanted to share with you all.

Are you a fashionista in the gym? Am I discriminating against gym wear fashions? Let me know – email me or leave a comment.

Speak soon,

*This is an exception to the rule. Style is ALWAYS the common goal.

The Designer Bag God Complex

The numerous conversations I’ve had and overheard about designer bags (DBs) have inspired this blog. A whole lot of wo/men out there have a bad case of what Karma-Style (K-S) has diagnosed as DBGC.

The Definition:
Designer Bag God Complex (DBGC) is a psychological state of mind in which the individual believes he/she is, or is destined to become god-like in the fashion world. The person generally believes they are above the rules of fashion society, and are better than everyone else because they own a certain designer bag.

Overview & Facts:
A whole lot of women out there have a bad case of DBGC. Forget swine flu, this is an epidemic disease of the mind and body. It’s all good to buy this season’s Fendi or Balenciaga, but unfortunately there are women (and a few men) who think that by buying DBs they are worshipped by us all – and thus exalts them to a god-like status. The media plays a major part in this big con. Celebrities are walking advertisements, as soon as they are seen with the ‘latest’ bag; it becomes a surefire sell-out in stores.

K-S says buy a bag YOU LIKE and that LOOKS GOOD on you for you. It can be an unnamed designer; it can cost 30 or 3000 quid as long as it works for you as an individual who cares/gives a s….t!

The Disease:
Very recently I had a conversation, well, it wasn’t really a conversation as this particular woman spoke at me for twenty minutes about her …guess what…Louis Vuitton (LV) bag. I wouldn’t mind if she was just as enthusiastic about ‘a gorgeous bag’ she had bought I would have listened with respect. She went on to say “You know, you know, people really treat me differently when I’m wearing LV you know, they just do” blah LV blah blah LV blah LV this LV that - in this elevated tone of delusional grandeur. I tell you Karma-Stylers I nearly fell off my chair between the ummms and uh-huhs of my responses. I had to stop myself from cracking up laughing in her face when I realised she was deadly serious about a bag?!? This is what she truly believed. Diagnosis: a classic, critical case of DBGC.

If you have any of the symptoms such as; continuous DB name-dropping, delusions of grandeur etc. or notice them in any of your friends; you/they may well be afflicted with DBGC – DO NOT WORRY. There is a cure. K-S has the remedy.

The Cure/Remedy:
Firstly: take a BIG dose of humble pie, this will help you come back down to earth, then an EQUAL amount of sorting out your head to acknowledge that “the bag doth not maketh the wo/man”. Finally when you’re next out shopping for a new bag purchase, take a HUGE thought process of quality, style and cost with wearability and add a little longevity before you buy. Don’t be blind-slighted by the brand name.

Remember to take the above remedy every time, in order to make a non-DBGC purchase. Feel free to email me whenever you feel a slight or major DBGC fever coming on.

One of K-S’s missions is to free all wo/men from this awful disease. Join us now.

One more thing, there is no excuse on this planet to use a DB for a lack of style. I don’t care how rich or poor you are. What is the point of walking around like a tramp with a DB in tow? Make an effort for ‘god’s sake’.

Please, please don’t buy anything ever because you think it makes you more superior to others that’s just not cool.

Until next time

Style Wars 1

LADY GAGA v RIHANNA v BEYONCE (in no particular order)

This Karma-Style (K-S) feature breaks down so called ‘celebrity’ style and attitudes. In the end there is only one winner of our ‘STYLE WARS’.

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa (LGG) is what I would call an ‘extreme’ trendsetter. She is unique and a very clever marketeer. Her outfits are made by a talented set of young designers called “Haus of Gaga”. Amidst the madness, LGG wears some truly beautiful pieces.
By music industry standards she is not a ‘beauty’. She and her team create an image based solely on the clothes and the fanfare of ‘fame’. Her face is never spoken about. Her style generates so much publicity. Even if you haven’t seen her you’ve heard of her. I do wish she (and Beyonce) would stop wearing so little clothing all the time. I don’t care, call me a prude, whichever way you look at it, to just wear a body or leotard only is not a good look – is there no other way to sell yourself, Oops I mean your music? (ummm another idea for a K-S blog) So far in her short, yet dynamic career, LGG always wears a ‘trend’ of her own making. I would like to see her in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but I doubt that will ever happen as I think LGG knows she would look too normal and God forbid that should happen!

You-go Lady GaGa with your theatrical 3-D space age numbers and Kermit the frog get-ups (Yes she did!) It keeps us talking about you.
After all, it is all about ‘The Fame’.


Rihanna’s (Ri) style metamorphosis has been intriguing. Ri can do the ‘out-there’ theatrical, the sophisticated adult, the young hip-hop chic with a rock twist, the no-clothes look and everything in between! Good girl hasn’t gone bad – she’s just gotten better and better when it come to her image (and music) Her style tells us who she is in an effective way. She truly has evolved, and you feel as if you know who she really is. Unlike the Lady GaGas and Beyonces of this world, Ri doesn’t have to try so hard, she looks just as dymanic in a t-shirt and jeans or preppy look as well a ‘glammed up’ one. Her style suits her perfectly and she dresses perfectly for her age. She is not scared to try new looks or make a mistake. Some good lessons for us all - young and old.

You-go Rihanna and give them (h)ellaa ellaa ellaa. Your true to yourself diverse style will keep us talking about you.

Queen Beyonce

Beyonce is Queen Beyonce (QB) for very obvious reasons. Her image is what I would call ‘Diva-style’. Everything about Beyonce is polished to perfection from a K-S perspective too polished and too contrived. She is not a style trendsetter. Her fellow twenty-somethings do not copy her style as she dresses so much older. She has a certain diva-style of a woman in her 30s. This isn’t a bad thing but when your young, be young. She no doubt sets trends with her dance moves and music anthems. Her Sasha Fierce (alter ego) image is marketed as separate but K-S believes there is no distinction. She isn’t Mariah Carey the diva, she is Beyonce the diva. K-S would love to see QB adopt a more youthful, fun style, but I’m afraid like Lady GaGa, she doesn't seem that versatile. Being beautiful doesn’t make all clothing styles suit you, take note Karma-Stylers.

You-go Beyonce – you’re a truly amazing talent, everyday is your ‘B-day’. We’ll all be talking about you for years to come.

….and the Winner of Style Wars 1 is…(drum roll)...

Rihanna! For, her effortless natural and creative style. She's a true style chameleon and an inspiration.

Let’s face it. Could you honestly see Lady GaGa or Queen Beyonce take a risk like shaving off one whole side of their hair as Rihanna did recently, and carry it off beautifully?

OMG! A life without wigs or weaves! Not in a million years...

The losers still get a prize….

…….Lady GaGa for being such a fabulous ‘Avant Garde’ trendsetter….

and Queen Beyonce for her ultra-glam Superstar ‘Diva-style’

Karma-Style high-fives you all!

The Iconic Style of Michael Jackson


Not only was Michael Jackson (MJ) the king of pop music. In my opinion he was the ultimate trendsetting style icon over decades and the original king of bling.

As a five year old child on stage, Michael Jackson alongside his brothers was the whole package and had such expressive style and presentation. The image of Michael at only 12 years old in a rich purple wide brimmed hat on a slant with matching suede long fringed waistcoat and beige flares was a fabulous 70's style statement.

From an early age MJ was a style icon, throughout his life his outfits were full of vibrant colour, the fit and cut was always perfection. He did, after all, have the perfect body for clothes - tall and lean. From the funky soul attire of the 70's, moving on to the glorious glamour of the 80's. The album cover of 'Off the Wall' made me fall in love with MJ. The black suit, dickey bow and white shirt, his beautiful smile and matching afro against a brick wall was the epitomy of cool elegance. So simple yet so effective. As a pure fashion shot it was just as great as an album cover. Don't know the photographer who took the original shot - need to find out.

Then came the videos. Firstly, the 'Rock with you' outfit was just amazing. MJ's crewneck, trousers and boots were all encrusted in bling against a black background. His top and trousers had vertical lines of bling - the outcome was an amazing visual, especially for a music video and he looked soooo fine! The look was stylish and so far from gaudy as your mind's eye would naturally see it as.

His look in the 'Billie Jean' video was a style masterpiece, the black leather suit with embossed satin lapel teamed with a soft pink shirt, fuschia red dickey bow and white lace ups with black tip and heel added such finesse. STUNNING! Check out the video - to this day that look really works.

His cropped trousers throughout the years were part of his signature style along with penny loafers and white or blinged out socks.
The 'Thriller' album was again a suit, but this time a reverse on the colour palette - A gleaming white suit with black open zip shirt and black belt. Another fashion hit!

Michael Jackson was the original king of bling - the difference is, he wore it on his clothes and hands (the mono-glove), never drippng from his ears or dangling from his neck á la P Diddy or David Beckham in recent times.

In the nineties, the military jacket became his strongest style statement - the embellishments and embroidery made them his own.

By the mid nineties it was all about the clothes, as his face became too painful for me to look at. It was a sad representation of a real life 'identity crisis'. In that I mean plastic surgery is now used in modern times to 'fix' our internal and external issues and crises. So sad...

..Anyway back to fashion, During this time (and up until his demise) armbands were a key MJ accent. Maturity post-2000, saw MJ let go of the mono-glove and we saw him in a number of full-length gorgeous tailored suits. He was a man that obviously loved a suit - the combination of matching top and bottom, I believe was part of his quest for perfection - everything had to be just right.

The only look Karma-Style was not feeling was his rock phase circa 'Dirty Diana' 'Bad' tour phase (think; buckles down the side of his black narrow-legged trousers from hip to ankle). He still 'rocked' these looks, pardon the pun, but I feel with regard to style this was not his fashion best.

Don't ever forget my dear Karma-Stylers that this man set the fashion bar from a mere child onwards for us. He was a man whose attention to detail reflected in his clothes and music. Which of his looks did you get inspiration from or emulate? For me it was the 'Beat it' red leather jacket! I did my best as a loved up teenager (He was the man of my dreams, in my dreams) to hunt down a similar affordable version.

I could go on and on about this man and his unique style, so I've decided to shut up and let his clothes speak for themselves.

Unfortunately unlike the man, his music, his style lives on, it will never die.

Long Live the Fashion King - Michael Joseph Jackson 1958 - 2009

London - RTW SS09

Spaceship headwear accessorized this collection. The clothes were his usual high fashion but not 'out there' unwearable. His sexy fitted short sleeved dresses included a gorgeous graphic print Black and white number. A lot of his look this season will stand the test of time. His willowy floor length black draped dress was the S/O piece.

KS loves this collection! Purples and blacks. Great materials for spring. Very wearable and timeless. Soft side ruffles are so feminine. The strapless purple/black kaftan dress was our S/O piece. They have surpassed Burberry with this collection.

Christopher Kane
Scalloped edges were the key feature. He featured red leather jackets and mustard leather skirts. Not wearable for most women but the detailing can easily translated on the HS. His gorilla print futuristic mini dress was our S/O piece.

Nicole Farhi
A fantastic homage to the 50's. All so flattering and extremely wearable. Modern floral patterned dresses, ¾ length trousers. Acid yellow ¾ trench coats all so relaxed and chic. Her blue/red and white striped dress was our S/O piece – gorgeous. The most simple yet effective black dress knee length is sure to be a hit with the RTW and HS ladies.

This collection will grow on K-S – hopefully. An ultra-layered Chanel interpretation gone wrong is what comes to mind, but we will say no more.

New York - RTW SS09

Ralph Lauren
Always classic. This collection's twist was its African, Arabian accents. Headscarfs/turbans along with Indiana Jones style hats. Safari silk shirts, harem pants and narrow legged trousers in sand tones. Metallic dresses in soft golds, greens, black and white.

Marc Jacobs
A decadent, flamboyant collection. The prints are a kaleidoscope of colour so hard to describe you have to see it. He takes you back in time and steps you into the future in one fail swoop. His accessories i.e. stacked bangles can already be seen on the high street. Our standout outfit is the metallic purple leather pencil skirt teamed with a sunshine yellow shirt – Fabulous! and so is this collection.

Diane Von Furstenberg
Hippy chic was the surprise theme here. K-S is not convinced as we adore DVF's usual easy to wear glam designs – maybe it's the flower headbands that are putting us off. There are some great pieces in this collection but they are lost in the hippy focus!

Milan - RTW SS09

Pencil skirts, strapless bra tops and tee-shirts were a key feature, crumpled fabrics in an array of colours including tinfoil gold, bronze, black, red and ochre. Layering featured strongly. K-S is not feeling this collection – it's too messy but that's just our humble opinion. Non-iron fabrics no doubt will feature heavily on the high street.

Dolce & Gabbana
Well, Well!?! It will be interesting to see if wearing your nightclothes i.e. jim-jams on the high street. Dressing gowns ruled this show along with basques and bubble skirts. We are particularly confused with the pairing of a patterned bubble skirt with pyjama top! not a good look in our eyes – enough said.

What works? This collection. Gucci has communicated spring summer and wearability perfectly this season. Any one of any age and size can take inspiration and it will translate beautifully on the high street. Colours; tropical jewel tones suit most people. An uplifting collection. Bravo Gucci! Fitted blazers, belted skirts. Like JPG one shoulder full length dresses really shone. The black empire line dress with fitted low front was our favourite.

Georgio Armani
The gift of Armani is the fit and drape. Another very wearable collection. Delicate hues, soft chiffons and silks. Monochrome brooches, accessories. Our fave, his strapless pale bluey-green silk flowing knee length dress – stunning! A hit for the high street copycats.

Burberry Prorsum
Country chic defines this collection. Floppy hats and colour dipped fabrics, brocades and necklaces that look like your 10yr old daughter/niece made them (in a good way). Trenches were very male in their tailoring. K-S prefers their trademark fitted trench. Another collection with a messy feel. Another feature were the socks with shoes – interesting. This collection will date in an instant.

Ultra-sexy collection where you have to show off your legs! Gorgeous cuts and fit in ivory, yellow, shimmer golds, pinks, purple and black. Hand painted starfish prints on some of the pieces are stunning. The 3D heart shaped zip ivory one-strap evening dress was the S/O piece – Amazing! Bare shoulders was the theme, longer length versions of this collection would be a sure fire hit on the high street.

Keywords in fact, only words; Nautical and ridiculous!

Japanese influenced, so fashionable and so wearable. The colour palettes of coral, chocolate brown and beige. Shirt dresses, strapless jumpsuits, amazing fabrics, matching mid-width belts. S/O piece embellished pale orange/gold v strap ‘trousergown with the look of leather in the picture (not quite sure). K-S wasn't up close and personal at the show, so cannot confirm. An outstanding collection which you don't have to be stick thin to wear.

Paris - RTW SS09


The SPRING/SUMMER 2009 READY-TO-WEAR COLLECTIONS were a homage to the 80's and confirms Karma-Style's (K-S) philosophy.

Christian Dior
See-through mini dresses and full length dresses, criss-cross front halter necks in hues of limes, oranges, muted soft greys, sage and fuchsia. Embellishments with studs and sequins, belted waists. No real statement jewellery and no allowances for full figured women - this collection is not for the majority. Model proportioned ladies can only wear these styles.

Throwback Chanel with a twist, monochrome suit with fingerless gloves. Statement jewellery in the form of huge collars. Black and white dominated, with the addition of Pinks, peaches and grey. Not sure about the headpieces?! birds nest spring to mind. Strange gypsy foiling in some of the collection which looked really odd. Cool draping jewellery, boleros and mid to full length skirts. A very mature collection.

Yves Saint Laurent
What can we say…in one word Fabulous! Square basketweave shoes and ankle boots so unique and such a trend - will never go out of fashion. These looks can so easily translate on the high street for the young and old. LBDs rocked. Blacks, pale shimmer golds, rich purples and bronzes lit up this collection. Once again, various lengths and shapes, belted and high waists were featured. Gorgeous shiny plum and forest green dresses were the S/O look. The clothes are stylish yet comfortable. Bravo! Stefan Pilati.

Louis Vuitton
This collection is not for the everyday woman on the 'street'. Statement accessories are a massive trend for SS2009. Huge hoops and full on neckpieces. K-S is loving this collection, even though it isn't a realistic look for most women, Marc Jacobs has produced an innovative collection.

Colours of muted pastels, lime yellow, red, black and ivory. 3D shoulders and scalloped edging details. KS is not loving this collection, but we are wise enough to know it can transfer well on the high street. It's safety with an edge. We do love the knee-length chocolate deep V puff sleeve dress - a great look.
Newsflash - MC Hammer pants are back!

Alexander McQueen
How does this man do it? His designs are mostly unwearable for the majority. Saying that we believe his designs are true works of art. K-S is proud he is British, his space-age sequin mini dress to the swirl-patterned fabrics in gold, browns and cream and the gunmetal grey dress which looked like hair – gorgeous! Lots of big shoulders, wide belts and high necks. Shades of blue and purple kaleidoscope jacket with matching leggings – Amazing. The jewelled burnt orange catsuit is a K-S fave. Alexander McQueen we salute you!

Mui Mui
No ultra-minis here. This collection of reds, black, and arty fabrics is so wearable for all ages and sizes. Classy elegance yet so high fashion without feeling overdressed. Great lengths very flattering, soft pleating, so feminine. K-S loves the roman print fabric dresses. This old school fabric will never date – so chic.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
Gorgeous autumnal colours, tailored suits in his own inimitable style. One shoulder dresses that flatter the décolleté big time. Shoulder pads played a big part in this collection, layered gold tops were layered over dresses, dresses over trousers all so relaxed and very chic, wide and narrow belts accented the waist.

Stella McCartney
Pastels – peach, grey and flesh tones with a sprinkling of black ruled this collection. Shoulders were also a key feature whether bare or padded. Jewellery was a flashback to the 80's - huge plastic hoops and button earrings. The signature oversize blazers were a let down, their shapelessness make these pieces outdated from the get-go. Not impressed here at K-S, although her black patterned shoulder accent cream mini-dress was a winner.

Paul and Joe
A cool relaxed, floral and fresh collection. Lace, denims, checked and chambray shirts that embody spring. Ripped and customized jeans another flashback to the 80's. Loving the khaki low v jumpsuit and strapless polka dot floaty dress were the stand-out pieces. Bear in mind this collection is for the young, and the young at heart.