Sense Of Style - "S.O.S"

S.O.S is about creating your own signature look/vibe. You may think, she’s a stylist that’s easy for her to say. Yes, but there was a time (circa 1987) when I became a strange replication of Whitney Houston in her “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” video (YouTube). I thought I looked fab-u-lous (I so didn’t). In fact, at the time, my older siblings would protest when having to walk down the street with me!

Once I stopped trying to be Whitney, and with a little help from my ultimate style-icon - my mother. I learnt to develop my own, then my S.O.S blossomed into a style more akin to Whitney’s look in her “Saving All My Love(for you)” video - hip and classy - my signature look to this day.

What I’m saying is, be open, source great inspiration from everywhere to create your own.

Try this: Take 5 qualities from people or objects: eg; your sister’s confidence with colour, Victoria Beckham’s immaculateness or Gaultier’s creative longevity. Interpret them into a style that works and looks fab-u-lous on you. Also, ask honest, stylish people you trust for their opinion.

Remember – Your S.O.S is key, it’s YOUR identity – no-one else’s.

Until next time,