FoF - Fearlessness of Fashion

In my humble opinion, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj’s style is an integral part of their success and marketing strategy. These two are astute business women who love to shock. Their message is bold, in-your-face, overtly sexual and controlled. Some of Lady G’s outfits are political statements to highlight a cause - supposedly. 

There are many similarities between them; both were performing arts students in New York, which I see as key to the theatrical nature of their style, they're around the same age, are not conventionally good-looking - slightly toothy (said in style of Zoolander). They are still beautiful, and proud to embrace their curves.  

Their FoF has increased with fame. However, I do believe that neither of them would walk around dressed to such an extreme if they weren’t mega-famous – the bubble of fame is an enabler for sure.

Their brand of performance art pop/classical/rock/rap/rnb has upped the ante. Nicki Minaj has transcended the 80’s fly girl and 90’s bling ghetto fabulous looks of recent times.  This clever woman stands out from all her hip-hop peers and has pissed off a few (haters) - she is a very skilled rapper. Lady G has moved on from her Amy Winehouse lookalike days (her words not mine) to transform into this unique Grace Jones-esq visual musical character that’s taken over of the charts - she is a fab musician. They are huge right now - what they’re selling the world is buying in platinum numbers.

These young women are perfect examples of FoF - however over the top. The pictures speak for themselves. Everyone wants to see the next outfit/creation. I encourage everyone to have a FoF that works for him or her – Be brave enough to express yourself through style. What’s the worst that could happen? Unless you're famous the paparazzi won’t be there to capture the moment and haunt you with it forever, nor will the world pick you apart. And who cares if they do..

Take inspiration from their ‘no fear’ ‘don’t give a f***’ attitude.  

Lastly, Rihanna is another female flying the FoF flag - she is a favourite of mine, as she can carry off a whole array of ‘looks’ from regular to elegant to reggae girl to the avant garde, that would make Miss Minaj and Lady G proud. Due to her model stature/look she can pull of most things (see past post Style Wars 1).

Be creative, it’s time to find your FoF.... 

I found mine a long time ago as a teenager never wanting to conform but that’s another story/post (and set of pics!)….But here is a taster in the form of a shiny suit! *blushing*

The bottom half: a matching pair of jodphurs – Silk satin suit was by Soap Studio bought from the Zone at Harvey Nichols, back in the late eighties, I wore black suede Jasper Conran wedges with it...this was day wear.

The Fearlessness of Fashion !! 


loveandpeaceF said...

great post, I definitely agree with you that they wouldn't wear what they do if they weren't famous... :)


Anonymous said...

Wow stylish from time! Ange

The Haute Hoosier said...

I love Nicki Minaj so much! Her dip dyed hair is awesome... Did you see her on Fashion Police lately? She was wearing the most killer coyote Louboutins. Following your blog now!

Camillea said...

Hiya. Yes I did - and yes they were Fierce! Thank you for following.

mister lovell said...

"Be creative" she says... "it's time to find your FoF"... as he reaches for the tinfoil, binbags, scissors, sticky-tape, thread & needle, and hairdye. "Is this what she meant?", he wonders. Great blog - not knowing what will come next from these FoFs is fascinating. Trend forecasters - try predicting that one. PS: Harvey Nics as a teenager. AbFab... darling!

Jacqueline said...

Definitely! These girls dare to take fashion risks that most would never. Great post!! xx Jacqueline Nicole

Laura Connell said...

I was surprised to discover how political Lady Gaga is. I love the pink/green colour combo on Minaj. My signature colours!

Judy said...

Great post! I feel their creativity with their fashion is what further fueled their fame to "Icon" status.

Icons from history all had a notable sense of fashion: Madonna, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, etc etc.


crystal glamour said...

love all of these true fashionistas ;)

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Fashion Limbo said...

hehehehe, love your own picture :) Fearles indeed and purple :)
I love individuality and creativity, and I loved Lady Gaga at the start, the problem is that sometimes it looks as there is really no message behind, it's all about wearing a gigantic ensemble to have headlines written...that's the impression I get. Maybe I'm just bored of her and I want her to actually inspire me somehow.

About Minaj, I find her style a bit more constructed and defined, the whole Barbie doll, futuristic approach. I think it's a lot of fun and I hope we see/hear more of her.

Rihanna is a great forward fashionista and cannot wait to see her on the upcoming Vogue cover :)