Style Wars 1

LADY GAGA v RIHANNA v BEYONCE (in no particular order)

This Karma-Style (K-S) feature breaks down so called ‘celebrity’ style and attitudes. In the end there is only one winner of our ‘STYLE WARS’.

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa (LGG) is what I would call an ‘extreme’ trendsetter. She is unique and a very clever marketeer. Her outfits are made by a talented set of young designers called “Haus of Gaga”. Amidst the madness, LGG wears some truly beautiful pieces.
By music industry standards she is not a ‘beauty’. She and her team create an image based solely on the clothes and the fanfare of ‘fame’. Her face is never spoken about. Her style generates so much publicity. Even if you haven’t seen her you’ve heard of her. I do wish she (and Beyonce) would stop wearing so little clothing all the time. I don’t care, call me a prude, whichever way you look at it, to just wear a body or leotard only is not a good look – is there no other way to sell yourself, Oops I mean your music? (ummm another idea for a K-S blog) So far in her short, yet dynamic career, LGG always wears a ‘trend’ of her own making. I would like to see her in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but I doubt that will ever happen as I think LGG knows she would look too normal and God forbid that should happen!

You-go Lady GaGa with your theatrical 3-D space age numbers and Kermit the frog get-ups (Yes she did!) It keeps us talking about you.
After all, it is all about ‘The Fame’.


Rihanna’s (Ri) style metamorphosis has been intriguing. Ri can do the ‘out-there’ theatrical, the sophisticated adult, the young hip-hop chic with a rock twist, the no-clothes look and everything in between! Good girl hasn’t gone bad – she’s just gotten better and better when it come to her image (and music) Her style tells us who she is in an effective way. She truly has evolved, and you feel as if you know who she really is. Unlike the Lady GaGas and Beyonces of this world, Ri doesn’t have to try so hard, she looks just as dymanic in a t-shirt and jeans or preppy look as well a ‘glammed up’ one. Her style suits her perfectly and she dresses perfectly for her age. She is not scared to try new looks or make a mistake. Some good lessons for us all - young and old.

You-go Rihanna and give them (h)ellaa ellaa ellaa. Your true to yourself diverse style will keep us talking about you.

Queen Beyonce

Beyonce is Queen Beyonce (QB) for very obvious reasons. Her image is what I would call ‘Diva-style’. Everything about Beyonce is polished to perfection from a K-S perspective too polished and too contrived. She is not a style trendsetter. Her fellow twenty-somethings do not copy her style as she dresses so much older. She has a certain diva-style of a woman in her 30s. This isn’t a bad thing but when your young, be young. She no doubt sets trends with her dance moves and music anthems. Her Sasha Fierce (alter ego) image is marketed as separate but K-S believes there is no distinction. She isn’t Mariah Carey the diva, she is Beyonce the diva. K-S would love to see QB adopt a more youthful, fun style, but I’m afraid like Lady GaGa, she doesn't seem that versatile. Being beautiful doesn’t make all clothing styles suit you, take note Karma-Stylers.

You-go Beyonce – you’re a truly amazing talent, everyday is your ‘B-day’. We’ll all be talking about you for years to come.

….and the Winner of Style Wars 1 is…(drum roll)...

Rihanna! For, her effortless natural and creative style. She's a true style chameleon and an inspiration.

Let’s face it. Could you honestly see Lady GaGa or Queen Beyonce take a risk like shaving off one whole side of their hair as Rihanna did recently, and carry it off beautifully?

OMG! A life without wigs or weaves! Not in a million years...

The losers still get a prize….

…….Lady GaGa for being such a fabulous ‘Avant Garde’ trendsetter….

and Queen Beyonce for her ultra-glam Superstar ‘Diva-style’

Karma-Style high-fives you all!

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