Extreme weather: London style observations

Last month was the coldest in UK history - this winter has wreaked havoc on my style psyche. I’ve always loved winter for the style choices it brings, but in extreme weather conditions it can prove difficult...

Here are some observations:

1.    Staying gorgeous en route. Trying to stay looking cute by the time you get to your destination is a challenge as snow blizzards attack from all angles. Dynamic entrances fall flat, as does the perfect hairstyle that's turned limp and frizzy. Then there’s the feel-good outfit that now looks like it’s been worn the night before to an all night rave, due to the time its taken to get there via London transport!!

2.    More Brits are wearing real fur. I’ve seen fur worn in London so openly this winter. Foxes, minks on everyday people not the rich and famous. This is standard practice in Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany but not here in Britain. Times are changing - vintage fur especially is extremely popular.

3.    People become androgynous as they go about their everyday activities. Your best friend, brother or daughter could walk straight past you on the street. With all the hoods up, hats down. The bitter cold can make us pretty indistinguishable.

4.    Normal activities turn into a major chore. For instance; shopping for clothes, even if you’re a shopaholic, it’s much more appealing to stay curled up indoors. Why bother with the hassle of peeling layers off and on to try on this season's looks?! Sub-zero temperatures take all the fun out of it.

5.    Footwear clones are everywhere. I understand that normal shoes and boots can get ruined, but there are other alternatives to Hunters or Uggs. JFours are a cool and more affordable wellington boot. There are great selections online and don’t get me started on Uggs again! (Link to Ugg(ly) blog)

6.    So hard to show off a fabulous new outfit. I totally get it when celebs hit the red carpet and brave the cold, sans coat, for a mega-style impact. But for the rest of us in the real world, the outfit stays hidden, chauffeurs aren’t the norm and pneumonia is not an option.

7.    Hiking boots and Timberlands have taken centre stage. Guys - I know that rocking your Paul Smiths, Oliver Sweeneys, Oscar Milos etc. in the ice and sludge isn’t a wise move, but hiking boots and Tims can look so odd with anything other than jeans or cargos. The Milan menswear shows start on Saturday, check them out online for inspiration.

       The irony is, a winter white city is so beautiful but we need to look beautiful too. Don't you think? ;)


Brandon said...

your blog is great! I like it a lot!!!

visit mine?

Brandon Hicks

Amber S. Brown said...

I totally know how you feel about Uggs! Ugg, why are people still on those!?!

RETRO REVA said...

Amen, and Amen!
I am so tired of the friggin cold weather, too!
( mid-west US, early snows, sub freezing days, dressing like a blob to stay warm, freeaing butt off for a "good shot" ;)
Thanks so much for stopping by......
It means the world to me!