Am I the only woman on the fashion planet that hates….UGG boots?!

A long awaited rant….

I was on the tube today and in my section alone 7 out of 10 women were wearing them!! What the UGG! The clue is in the brand name for sure. I tell you why I can’t stand them; they look cheap, are shapeless, unattractive and oh so common!

When, on any other occasion would any style-conscious woman buy boots in sandy biege?! Yes I said beige; don’t give me all that “they are chestnut” nonsense. The signature colour is sandy beige that in itself is one of the biggest fashion footwear crimes of the noughties, in fact ever! What the UGG! So many usually stylish folk have fallen victim to one of the most successful marketing campaigns of the decade. I take my hat off to the makers for that and that only.

And don’t get me started on the cream fluffy lining. Are they not a remake of the 70’s sheepskin coat in the form of a boot? I’ve googled a picture below for your viewing pleasure...Ummm!

And another thing how much are they? Not cheap that’s for sure! The people I know who own a pair always defend them by saying “Ohh but they are so warm!” I actually feel embarrassed when I’m walking with anyone wearing them. It’s true - I have to keep it real.

Fashion/able they maybe but style/ish they ain’t! People - please don’t be sheep (pardon the pun) find your own unique fabulous pair of Autumn/Winter boots that tick all the boxes for practicality, fashion and style. There are many gorgeous alternatives please see below (from my own collection).

Black Gianni Melani fur-lined bling detail

Purple Pompili patent and rabbit fur

Maybe I am the only woman on the planet who hates them and will NEVER own a pair but trust me you devotees out there, if in time there is any photographic evidence or memory of them being worn, you will look back, cringe and say to yourself and whoever’s listening “What the UGG was I thinking!?! Those boots were sooo UGGly!!!

That rant felt good! I am indeed ready for the backlash…UGG devotees bring it on ;)

© Camille Adomakoh – Karma Style


FB @ said...

I wear faux UGGs, that I call MUGGs... and only at home, with my leggings

If I want to go outside then I put something over, take off the MUGGs and throw on some real boots for outside

Slushy snow and wet mud are not hot looks on a fabric sheepskin MUGG

Lovell said...

Has anyone ever worn UGGs with that matching sheepskin coat I wonder. Now that would be a life sentence in fashion prison.

Yohanna@Aklamation Photography said...

When UGG boots first came out in Australia I would see them worn by uni friends around the home. Then all of a sudden one or two other girls thought it was trendy to wear them around uni as they lived on campus and as most of them came dressed in their tracksuit trousers and sweat shirts it was a bit of a turn off as they looked like they just got out of bed and walked to class!!
When I started seeing them worn in London, it made me worry more about the concept of fashion in London.. It just didnt make sense, gorgeous women wearing them as tho it was normal.. Visiting France for a few days those UGG boots were no where to be seen on the streets of Paris, As expected!! so what is it about the younger ladies in London that opt to feel comfortable and look UGGly wearing them?

Please explain.

Dolly Daydream said...

I have fake uggs too I would never spend that much money on a pair of shoes that can only go with certain outfits its riduculous!
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From Dolly

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