The Battle of Hermès

The battlefield: a meeting room! It was the kind of meeting that had an "off-the-charts" awkward intensity. There were seven of us, two of whom were the 'Generals'. As the battle of business, integrity and legal positions commenced. I pondered which chapter/s in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War would define their positions. I really did!?! The men in question who I’ll refer to as 'Hermès 1' and 'Hermès 2' had acute similarities; extremely articulate, passionate Englishmen of a similar class and professional standing. But more importantly, both were wearing Hermès ties!! A Hermès tie is, without a doubt a status symbol of wealth, power and presence which only certain men can carry off or indeed should wear.

Hermès 1, who came into the space to be heard and respected, looked impeccable and immaculate – with his tie peeping out of his layered look (his armour). He meant business in every way. Hermès 2, who had given the platform had a casual, relaxed business look but and a big but (not literally!) wore his tie openly, no jacket - this was his space. Their looks accentuated their stances.

Their style and character revealed them as true individuals. I can’t help but see everything through the lens of style. So many messages…the rest of us in the room were mere spectators – there were no raised voices and neither one was going to be bullied or taken advantage of – that was the clear message. I sat fearful with bated breath in a meeting I really didn’t want to be in, yet had to be in…

...So, who won the Battle of Hermès? I truly believe they both came out victorious, that isn’t me being diplomatic, I mean it, and in time it’ll become apparent. Afterwards, I kept thinking how powerful clothing is as a communication tool. I wore a red dress just in case you were wondering. I wear red to bring positivity. I consciously wore it that day hoping to bring some to the proceedings.

Another experience that totally reinforces my view on how fundamental style/fashion is, and that I love it for all the right reasons. I thought back to what I’ve worn in the past to take a stand or make a strong statement, and remembered some key moments in my life...

What do you wear when preparing for war? My advice: remember to always start with love...

Peace man ♥

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