Appropriate attire - Is there really such a thing?

Let’s think about this one…as you all know by now I like to keep a “certain level of decorum”. There are times when decorum flies straight out of the window…for instance, last week I wore a Calvin Klein mini jean dress as I walked around the streets of LDN it gradually rode up to, in the words of my “Shero” Oprah, my va-jay-jay! OMG! Thank goodness I had my cardi-coat over the dress and free hands to keep pulling it down! If I hadn’t, the spectacle would have been hilarious from an onlookers’ perspective – the mini-dress that gets more mini before your very eyes!! That day I literally ended up on the floor in the said dress and had to manoeuvre around at a very low level – (it’s so not what you think!) I actually didn’t realise or think about it until after the event what could possibly have been on show?!! Oh dear! In that instance I didn’t care, as the bigger picture usurped any modesty issues. Anyway the dress was still respectable as my personal style doesn’t allow for ‘hoochie-mama’ as a defining look.

Last week I wore a classic black day dress – a v-stylish and unassuming loose fitting number. One small detail, a wide ‘v’ neckline, appropriate for many…well, looks are deceiving with this one, if I bend forward without clutching my arm across my chest, anyone and everyone in front of me gets a clear line of sight to my Victoria’s secret ensemble underneath!! Ummm not good! Maybe I’m too aware, as there are many times when I see other women who are not ‘bovvered” in the slightest. Take this woman on the tube the other day, in a mid-length mini skirt but as she sat, became a bit too mini for comfort and to top it off, she sat with legs akimbo, not crossed or knees together, just spread with no shame! My fair lady I think not.

My thoughts are you can’t really hide what you naturally or unnaturally possess, as it’s all about shape and form, even if you don’t choose to openly display, and as women (and men) have the freedom in the west to wear whatever we choose (depending on religion and culture). Unless I wear a nun’s habit the whole time, too much visual info will happen at some point. So, within reason there’s no such thing as ‘appropriate attire’ in this context, because someone somewhere will always be offended and in turn, someone somewhere will always have a smile brought to their face.

This applies to men also – whether it’s their torso on show; too much of a hairy chest or not enough etc. etc. I’ll stop there as I could really take it there on the examples, you know what I mean. As long as we bring a balance to what’s on or not on display and are secure in ourselves - it’s all good.

Seriously though, legs akimbo whatever you’re wearing as a female is not a great look. There definitely has to be a “certain level of decorum” – don’t you think?

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