“Get up! Stand up to bullies!”

It has been my experience that when you’re picked on, picked at, singled out or subject to any form of harassment at the hands of people (adults or children) that I believe, hate themselves when they look in the mirror for whatever reason. The self-hatred can take one of many forms; ugly, fat, tall, short, poor, unintelligent, unpopular, no confidence etc. some will take any of these insecurities and instead of acceptance or motivating themselves to be positive and do something about whatever, will look outside to another person or persons to vent and project their bitterness and anger. Real losers - with a capital ‘L’ (am also making the sign). These no-life, low-life miserable, seemingly heartless beings feel the need to spread unhappiness in a disturbed fashion.

There are different levels as we know, extreme situations that you have seen and heard in the news recently to what I myself have experienced over the years. This behaviour is everywhere, in classrooms, playgrounds, offices and communities everywhere. It saddens me greatly; my personal experiences have been mainly at the hands of other women unfortunately. Many a time, (especially when I was younger) I’ve felt like physically fighting back, but instead always brought forth a higher level of intelligence and sophisticated style of dealing with these people. What has worked for me is I’ve never visually looked like I was ‘under’ it, however bad I felt inside. My wonderful mother taught me that invaluable lesson.

For what is worth, this is my method of standing up to bullies. Firstly: Always look as if you’re on top of the world, however much you feel ground down – DON’T look it! Secondly: Always keep your head up and walk with your theme tune/s in your head – I always have three! For example; “Get up! Stand up! by The Wailers..” then in slips “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley to “Let it be” Jennifer Hudson’s version. Bob Marley lifts my confidence and Jennifer Hudson my spirit. I don’t know what I’d do without music, I really don’t. Thirdly: Remember that whatever you go through it will pass and only good can come and last but not least, have a good support network of friends, family whoever is happy to be there for you and help you through – this is priceless.

Let’s outstyle these bullies, sartorially, spiritually and intellectually…


“Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights..Get up! Stand up!.. so now you see the light stand up for your rights..Get up! Stand up! Don’t give up the fight!

And remember not to…

“Worry about a thing cos’ everythings gonna be alright!…rise up this morning smile with the rising sun, three little birds beside my doorstep…singing don’t worry about a thing cos’ everything little thing gonna be alright! …this is my message to you hoo-hooo…

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