"Bargain in the Bag"

The recent purchase of a mint condition 1960s/70s Saint Laurent Rive Gauche dress is one of my all-time bargain buys from one of my all time favourite designers. Saint Laurent was the first couturier to create a prêt-a-porter line Rive Gauche, and one of the first to feature black models.

My latest bargain hunt started with a trip to Sloane Street and ended in Milan, Italy…

It was one of my scruffy Sundays as I was only meeting my girlfriends at the local deli for a quick coffee and catch up, which turned into a tube ride to Knightsbridge on the hunt for a good sale – dangerous! The sample sale was in the basement at Jitrois. This store specialises in the finest leather. It’s funny because once I’m in the ‘zone’ I forget where I am, it could be Zara or an ultra-exclusive store like Jitrois. The focus is on hunting through the rails and trying on, searching for that quality bargain buy. I left with the most exquisite pair of white stretch leather high-waisted shorts. Original price tag was £1,250, I paid £125!

For my birthday, a few weeks later, I went on a three-region tour of Northern Italy with my fellow friend and shopaholic, Mrs M, we toured and shopped – sheer bliss! On the second leg of our tour we happened upon this vintage boutique in Garibaldi, Milan. We filled the shop with superlatives, in awe at the gorgeous fresh-smelling pieces and must-free experience. (Italy has reignited my love of buying vintage as in London I’m often put off from shopping by the stench in some of our shops!) And there it was, my pièce de résistance: an unassuming black dress with a silk chiffon polka-dot cape collar and a surprising twist – a low, curved back. And it looked amazing! At 210 euros it was a bargain but I bartered the owner down to 140! I rest my case.
Mrs M’s pièce de résistance? An amazing art deco shark skin (looks like black leather) and wooden clutch for a fab price too….

We bought lots more, but the guilt of spending stops me from divulging. Beside ourselves with glee, we left on a real high - knowing a true zeitgeist piece and bargain was in the bag…..

1960s/70s Saint Laurent dress

1950s Couture dress from the Côte d'Azur

Photography by Yohanna Akladious
Hair & make-up by me


Anonymous said...

Welcome back girlfriend! Its been too long but the blog was well worth the wait. Love it (as usual) and the pictures are fab. Stunning - you go girl!

Jess said...

You look soooooooooooooooooo stunning in these dresses!!!!!
No wonder you are THE fashion lady ;-)
Well done, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

great looks