Dressing for L.O.V.E or L.U.S.T

So, what do I mean by this? Let me break it down…when a woman dresses in an obvious, over-the-top, overtly sexual way, that is dressing for L.U.S.T in my opinion. In my eyes, there is a clear distinction between sexy and sleazy. For example, in style terms, sleaze = bum-flashing hot pants and thigh-high boots and sexy = black fitted top with black leather pants. Most women, I believe are naturally sexy, so leaving very little to the imagination undermines that natural power. Isn’t true sexiness mysterious and sensual? That unknown quality or element you just can’t physically see in a person.

A guy friend responded when I was talking to him the other day about this and the hot pants thing, he said “What’s wrong with that?” With a confused look on his face, in his eyes, hot pants and thigh-highs (on a fab body) are a great visual which he can be turned on by. I didn’t debate his response. I somehow knew it was futile at that moment to say that a fully-clothed woman could just look at him in a certain way and turn him on. I kept that food for thought to myself…

The other week, I watched an online documentary by Robert Winston – you know, the Professor with the Frankie goes to Hollywood/Village people tache! It was about sexual attraction and a key factor that brings men and women together is...SMELL! Yes, apparently we are more attracted to the smell of someone who has the total opposite genes to us, which in turn, would give our future children a greater chance of good health. Out there, but apparently true.

I personally, am very curvy with a double-alphabet bra size. If I went about my everyday business, however comfortable with my sexuality, with below-sea-level cleavage, pushed up and out-of-door á la Pammy or Jordan, what am I saying to the world?
A. That I have big breasts.
B. A + and I want you all to see them all day every day - up in your face! Or
C. My boobs define who I am through my style?

Those of you who know me, know that I do show cleavage at times and yes, I cannot hide them but much prefer to be selective. It’s just not stylish to do so 24/7, and the men in my life have loved that about me. Whether they respect me more who knows...One thing for sure is I respect myself more by dressing for L.O.V.E – the true love of myself. So if I wear a short dress or show cleavage I make a point to class it up - not trash it up.

Ladies, all I’m saying is there are so many other ways to get a man’s attention, and when you do ‘sex- it-up’ they appreciate it more. This albeit from my stylist point of view, that errs on the prudish side, from my female point of view?! Style isn’t about not wearing any clothes – it’s all about wearing clothes!

I dress men and women to empower and bring great visual qualities to the fore. And no, I’ve never dressed any of my male clients eg. with shirt unbuttoned to the belly button to show a buff waxed six-pack torso! (Life isn’t an Armani billboard – unfortunately?!!) I’ve never had to tone them down to be less sexual. Funny that eh?! Let’s stop trying to meet the biased standards set by them.

It’s amazing how a person’s style can bring up so many elements of the human experience, love, hate, sex, trauma, insecurities, politics, joy and pain…

My aim: to always bring forward as many positive visuals as I possibly can.

This blog has obviously been more controversial than my others. Please feel free to comment through the red link below as I would love to get your thoughts on this.

Until next time..
© Camille Adomakoh - Karma-Style


Judy Balan said...

Nice one, Camille. People really should dress for themselves! Agree with the sexy vs sleazy style as well. I tend to fall on the 'prudish' side of the fence when it comes to cleavage /butt cracks etc. And I think that has more to do with me as an individual than any cultural or religious convictions. So there - proving your point on dressing for my own pleasure! Also fashion is an area I'm quite challenged in, so it's great to read what you have to say. This way, I won't be left behind ;-)

jfreema2 said...

Agreed. I like the reversed logic of the male approach you noted at the end. I never thought of that double standard. If only I was still UK side - I'd be able to get some live tips & reviews on the tube ride home... Maybe I'll pass some thoughts by you from here.

stardustandberries said...

I really like this post. Coming from a college fashion scene where girls show a lot of skin during parties and girls who don't get made fun of as "prudes" "nuns" or "old-fashioned", I've had to really stick to my own values and views when it came to dressing on campus. Your blog is great because it looks at what fashion says about somebody and whether they are comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Would you mind if I linked you in my fav. blogs section?

Happy holidays,
anna from

6p00d8350055cb53ef said...

Thanks for visiting my blog x

I agree completely! I like the advice to show either legs or cleavage but never both at the same time :) I also love relaxed shift like tops and dresses that hint rather than scream sex appeal.