Milan - RTW SS09

Pencil skirts, strapless bra tops and tee-shirts were a key feature, crumpled fabrics in an array of colours including tinfoil gold, bronze, black, red and ochre. Layering featured strongly. K-S is not feeling this collection – it's too messy but that's just our humble opinion. Non-iron fabrics no doubt will feature heavily on the high street.

Dolce & Gabbana
Well, Well!?! It will be interesting to see if wearing your nightclothes i.e. jim-jams on the high street. Dressing gowns ruled this show along with basques and bubble skirts. We are particularly confused with the pairing of a patterned bubble skirt with pyjama top! not a good look in our eyes – enough said.

What works? This collection. Gucci has communicated spring summer and wearability perfectly this season. Any one of any age and size can take inspiration and it will translate beautifully on the high street. Colours; tropical jewel tones suit most people. An uplifting collection. Bravo Gucci! Fitted blazers, belted skirts. Like JPG one shoulder full length dresses really shone. The black empire line dress with fitted low front was our favourite.

Georgio Armani
The gift of Armani is the fit and drape. Another very wearable collection. Delicate hues, soft chiffons and silks. Monochrome brooches, accessories. Our fave, his strapless pale bluey-green silk flowing knee length dress – stunning! A hit for the high street copycats.

Burberry Prorsum
Country chic defines this collection. Floppy hats and colour dipped fabrics, brocades and necklaces that look like your 10yr old daughter/niece made them (in a good way). Trenches were very male in their tailoring. K-S prefers their trademark fitted trench. Another collection with a messy feel. Another feature were the socks with shoes – interesting. This collection will date in an instant.

Ultra-sexy collection where you have to show off your legs! Gorgeous cuts and fit in ivory, yellow, shimmer golds, pinks, purple and black. Hand painted starfish prints on some of the pieces are stunning. The 3D heart shaped zip ivory one-strap evening dress was the S/O piece – Amazing! Bare shoulders was the theme, longer length versions of this collection would be a sure fire hit on the high street.

Keywords in fact, only words; Nautical and ridiculous!

Japanese influenced, so fashionable and so wearable. The colour palettes of coral, chocolate brown and beige. Shirt dresses, strapless jumpsuits, amazing fabrics, matching mid-width belts. S/O piece embellished pale orange/gold v strap ‘trousergown with the look of leather in the picture (not quite sure). K-S wasn't up close and personal at the show, so cannot confirm. An outstanding collection which you don't have to be stick thin to wear.

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