Excuse me! Do you know who I am?

Firstly, let me apologise for the radio silence, March was an 'event-full' month. I've been so busy with work and loving every minute. There has been no calm after the storm of London Fashion Week...

In the fabulous world of fashion everybody is somebody and everybody thinks they’re somebody. The fashion event/party is something of an experience, full of darhlings, wannabees, fashionistas and celebrities.  Where strangers become your best friend for those few hours only. Eyes dart back and forth trying to work out who fellow guests and gatecrashers are, always on the lookout for a ‘face’ or ‘name’. I am oblivious to a lot – I know a small number of people and that’s it - pretty clueless at points to be honest.

At the beginning of March I worked on my first film project – and was invited to the Anuvahood premiere then after-party at Cafe de Paris. There were ‘celebs’ in attendance including premiership footballer and England national Carlton Cole. I totally embarrassed myself as I thought he was a model – had no clue about the football thing. 
I could have sworn he was a model; tall, good cheekbones etc. I asked over and over if he was, even through his denials I wasn’t convinced. The endearing thing about him was we had a nice conversation and he still didn’t tell me who he was – a real sweetie and a total hottie!!

Carlton Cole and moi

Adam Deacon, Jebbs, Jazzie Zonzolo and moi
This weekend the film passed the £2million mark at the box office. An amazing feat for a low budget urban Brit flick written by a young guy from Hackney (Adam Deacon). Well done!

Following on was the Austin Reed Q Club launch. In the words of Austin Reed “The Q Club is an exclusive new dimension of personal tailoring from Austin Reed, specialising in three key areas: Q Corporate, Q Bespoke and Q Hirewear. A members only service by invitation” 

Holly of Diary Directory and I were looking at all these big men in the party and at one point we said that they looked like Rugby players and then found out afterwards some were players in the England national team! Oops!

Really Ree, Holly and me

Next event: The Boux Avenue Launch party at Sketch - an affordable luxury lingerie line and chain of boutiques. It was an amazing party aside from the cocktails and champagne there was so much to see and do. A stunning ariel acrobatic display, a Burlesque performance, magicians, tarot card readers and so much more. There was also a Boux photobooth to capture moments. It truly was one of the best parties I’ve been to in a long while, and all in the name of work. 

Emma De Vees

A few of my fashion friends - Prince Cassius and Charles Ampadu

The last event in March was the Dolce & Gabbana ‘dress me up’ party at the Old Bond street store. As I was waiting to go in, guess who walks past? Arnold Schwarzenegger! He walked right up and past me and it still took me a while to believe it was him…Surreal! What made it more surreal is the long line of paps and Londoners following him and it was as if he didn't notice - he has a very calm demeanour. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger
There were a lot of celebs inside D&G, none as A-list as Arnie. Once again I found out who a lot of them were the next day on and other online press. I knew Alexandra Burke – who I’d seriously like to style. (Holla at me girl!). 

The champagne was flowing so everyone was very relaxed under the watchful eyes of the store staff. I spoke to one lady who looked so chic in a mahogany brown silk chiffon dress (which I would wear in a heartbeat). After complimenting her on her dress I had a quick chat then moved on, turns out it was Jasmine Guinness – who knew! I didn’t – obviously!
Jasmine Guinness

I thought her name was Peaches!
Pixie Geldof

Alexandra Burke - Stunning 

Gorgeous Naomi Harris
(Her face was familiar but didn't know her name until Hanna of BSF magazine enlightened me)
Philip Salon in the background
Last but not least, my most embarrassing moment was at the Carolina Herrara launch party in Portland Place. There I was sipping Pol Roger and on the look out for food (as always). When I saw a cool older rock chick with neon yellow hair, she came over and we chatted away for a good 20 minutes. Thicko (that’s me) did not realise until the near end of our fab conversation, which was a real, meaningful one about life (a rarity at a fashion party). It was none other than the great British fashion designer – Pam Hogg, a true icon. She has always been so anti-hype and publicity shy, I never really knew what she looked like...Her last show at LFW was one of the hottest tickets in town (didn't get one). She is adored by the youngsters and has stood the test of time. Meeting her was a joy...

The irony is all the celebs and famous people would love some anonymity in their lives. As some go to great lengths for privacy but unfortunately the world is not as clueless as myself and they need the publicity - and isn’t that what fame is about? The fashion world clamours to dress them – they get noticed and stand out to the photographers, paparazzi and the world…

So, back to the question;

Excuse me! Do you know who I am? Someone in world knows who you are even if I don’t...

and that applies to us mere mortals too. 


©Karma-Style 2011


Yohanna said...

How cool! isn't it amazing how you could be yourself when you don't know who you're talking to, but the moment you realise who it is, you're lost for words!!.. maybe that's just me! :P

Tim said...

You muppet. Brilliant.

Georgia said...

I think you probably did a much better job by just being yourself. If you had realized who some of these names were you might have been lost for words. Like I would have been.

Matt Hunter said...

Great blog Camille, looks like you had a great (and very busy!) month.

See you soon,


Bethan said...

You are so busy you need an assistant... Me. X

Camillea said...

We are both as busy as each other! Maybe we can work something out lol! X