A letter to the great (fashion) loves of my life

After attending the British Fashion Awards on Monday and hearing about the Marni/H&M collaboration.  I became nostalgic about my past loves and conquests. Not the male kind, but the fashion designer kind...

So, dear readers, I hope you don’t mind if I take a trip down memory lane….

I remember the heartache of losing two medusa-head buttons on my Versace military coat – my 1st ever Versace purchase circa. the Gianni era.  And falling in love with Jasper Conran and Jean Paul Gaultier at the same time! The reality is, there is no fidelity/monogamy in fashion. 

I would like to say thank you to Boyd & Storey for my first ever catwalk piece. It had to be mine; a black velvet, full-skirted 50s style corseted dress. I wore that dress until it literally fell apart – my mother helped to mend the damage many times over the years.

Then there was Versace – Mr Gianni Versace who lit up my life – he made me feel so glamourous and beautiful! Donatella has done you proud but after all these years you are still sorely missed.

I remember vividly the first time I was seduced by Jean Paul Gaultier – he was French after all, how could I resist the technical genius of his designs that charmed me during my 20s more any other.

JPG Jeans taught me all I know about double denim – these days so called fashion pundits proclaim it to be a no-no haven’t got a clue. Double denim forever I say!!
90s JPG Jeans <3

My first true British love was Jasper Conran – the tailored wit of his brightly coloured silk satin dresses turned me into a bonafide fashionista.

For the record, I have never been or will be a fashion victim for any of my loves – past or present. I always knew I had to be true to myself.

Vivienne Westwood, I'm grateful to for showing me how to explore my sexuality with my red velvet bustier - every time I wore it, it made me feel sexy but not hoochie mama. She defined my transition from a girl into a young woman.

Oh what memories…who else… Way In at Harvey Nichols for educating me on European designers. Thinking about the accessories still makes my heart swoon ..My obsession with hoop earrings has grown more and more over the years...Will never forget Harvest boutique on the Kings Road and for my most special love affairs...Hyper Hyper and Kensington Market where I got my freak on and the various boutiques on East Street Market, Walworth Road and around London, all got my creative juices flowing through style and customizing clothes; Dexter Wong, Pam Hogg, Red or Dead, Chantal, Pure Fabrication, Pyramid and Danny’s leather store there's a special place in my heart for you all.
Soap Studio outfit from Harvey Nichols back in the day <3
Marni and Fendi, you have been my rock through the noughties; you embraced my increasing size and age and never stopped putting me on a pedestal.

Finally - to all whom I’ve loved. Thank you for the good times during our worldwide travels to places like Italy, New York and beyond.

Love always and forever.
Camille xoxo

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