1. My London Fashion Week SS12 Faves

My personal blog is similar to London buses. You wait ages and ages for one, then, five come at once! Apologies, busy times. There are FIVE new posts for you! All London Fashion Week related...

Five days of traipsing around central London trying to look like I’ve just stepped out from my chauffeur driven car with not a hair out of place, or bead of sweat in sight – is no mean feat! As I’m not a senior editor at Vogue, glamourous it is NOT. A constant fashion show it IS! Everyday, my outfit is carefully thought through; full face of make-up courtesy of New CID cosmetics, all with the aim to look and feel my best. Being around models all day long, I have to stay strong and remember all that self-love that is within. Otherwise I’d crumble into a pile of dust upon laying eyes on all the pretty, skinny young things.

My schedule was filled mainly with the off-schedule shows with a sprinkling of A-list shows in the main tent at BFC Somerset House..

We have the off-schedule designers and the die-hard A-list who’ve chosen to stay in the UK, such as John Rocha to thank for keeping LFW alive. British fashion sets the standards for all others to follow. It’s the other stuff we fall down on like investment, logistics and strategic marketing and thought processes. New York may have its big budgets and end-to-end A-listers on the front rows - but we laid the foundations.

Today has been bliss; harems and a t-shirt with no make-up just chilling writing this and articles for Notion. I quickly ran into the West End to pick up some Euros and managed to not get seen by anyone in the ‘industry. I fly to Italy in the morning, am looking forward to a nice break and meeting my team at Swide.

Getting back to LFW. This season I had a partner in crime; my good friend and fashion photographer Yohanna Akladious. It was very strict entry this season but we had legitimate backstage access and entry to the shows. It was a lot of hard work but so much fun. He has brought my copy to life. 

Hope you all enjoy. 

Peace Cxx

Here are my favourites of LFW SS12

Fashion Mode:

Carlotta Actis Barone

James Hillman

Florian Jayet

Backstage shots: