The Pursuit of Plastic Perfection...

After attending an event for a new Couture line. I was compelled to put pen to paper. The launch party was in Knightsbridge and filled with very wealthy individuals.  Nothing unusual you may say, actually it was, as I have never seen so many surgically altered faces in one place in this city - ever. Women of all ages were present; inflated lips, pulled back faces so tight it looked uncomfortable when they spoke, slithers representing noses. Filled in cheekbones that didn’t fit the natural alignment of the various bone structures. Crazy!

As my fashion friends and myself discussed the shock, horror and amazement of it all, I felt saddened and thought the freedom that immense wealth gave these people to pursue Plastic Perfection – ‘PPP’, yet at the same time they were enslaved. It was obvious they had gone back time and time and time again! This wasn’t a boob job here or a nose job there. A ‘sea of Joan Rivers’ surrounded us.

As I write Ricky Martin on Oprah is distracting me – the man is fine! And surgery free…

There are many things I dislike about my exterior form; scars, my feet, I could go on and on trust me. As a woman soon to be exiting her thirties, I have a greater understanding of who I am and that it’s the imperfections that make me/us special and perfect. I’ve realized it’s the mental – where your head is at is key – It’s all about happiness and contentment. That’s why so many people are on this continuous 'PPP' quest – to be happy. At which point are they? Happy with the distortion they let their surgeons create? I don’t think so. That’s why they keep going back for more. I really wanted to take pictures of some of these women but wouldn’t have been able to disguise my horror.

The young girls I saw that evening made me wonder what will they do when they get to 30, 40, 50 or 60? What will these ‘kids’ look like? I personally, am totally against needles and surgery if you haven’t worked that one out by now. I’m a true believer in beauty products and make-up and have a significant stash. I was discussing my anti-PPP stance with a fellow journalist at the NARS beauty launch for Francois Nars’ new book ‘Make up your mind, Express yourself’ and she said ‘It’s ok for you to say with your tight forehead and your high cheekbones’. Yes I realise my Mum and Dad’s genes have helped, but over the years I’ve accepted and experienced so much more important things in the grand scheme of life than a line or a wrinkle! FFS! Loving me has been a process. There are so many tools; in the form of clothes, hair and make-up to facilitate. Life coaches, counsellors etc for the internal. These tools are a great process for trial and error.  As a stylist, I’m a great tool for people if I say so myself! ;)

Here are some pics from this fabulous book; he used ordinary women and men who were literally picked off the streets, of all ages and races…

That evening in Knightsbridge was a great ‘Just say no’ campaign for plastic surgery. Whether a little or a lot is done – the bottom line is there is no going back – no reverse gear to what was.. for me that’s the scariest thing.

Also when you think about your perfect man or woman, what would he or she look like? Mine would have face of Michael Jordan, the body of David Gandy, the wit of Russell Kane, the intellect of Jon Snow and the heart of Nelson Mandela! You see how ridiculously unreal and total fantasy my perfect man is...however wonderful it would be. It could never be a reality, only in my dreams...

Now on Oprah, Michael Jackson’s amazing mother Katherine, talking to Oprah about how MJ really felt so ugly and his addiction to surgery, she even spoke to his surgeon to get him to stop operating on him (to no avail), so sad. He went from a Beauty to a Beast – the irony. The same addiction to 'PPP' I saw all around me at the party.

Here is a quote from 'Makeup your mind, Express yourself' that’s perfect to end on..

'Find your own way, have an open spirit and believe in your own beauty'

Enough said.


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Images courtesy of NARS Cosmetics


NadsFashion said...

Fabulous, couldn't agree more. Really enjoyed reading this X

Camillea said...

Thank you Nadia :) x

lilabraga said...

what a fantastic insightful!
sad that some can only see their real beauty when all is lost under the knife!
love your blog,really evocative posts.

patricia said...

Beautifully written, and I wholeheartedly agree, it escapes me understanding why we don't teach our young to celebrate life and love ourselves as we are... As you said, it does take some work to love oneself, and now that I finally really DO I wouldn't let a knife throw away the labours of so many years... Thank you for a lovely and insightful reading ;-) You just made me remember how much fun you actually are, a great laugh and a giggle as much as a deep thinker and emotional communicator, I loved it, please keep it up! Pxxx

A Life Of Fashion said...

Well said!

And this 'As a woman soon to be exiting her thirties'I don't believe it one bit!! I put you at about 28, darling?!



Camillea said...

Bless you Matt! Thank you you're a sweetie xx