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I as write this after a long hiatus on my blog. I think about what a worthwhile cause to write about which has reignited my blog...everything happens for a reason.

With the added good vibes of the The Police's ‘Walking on the Moon’ playing in the background the message in this classic tune is an inspiring one - Just like the ‘What I see’ project. A non-profit movement that aims to give women a real voice and be heard, and in turn enable others to become empowered by hearing them. It’s as simple (and effective) as that. Lots of women worldwide ‘keeping it real’ when asked the defining question that represents this project…

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?”

I was sitting nervously in a low lit studio at the time with a camera crew in my face when I was asked. As soon as the lady (whose name escapes me at present) asked the question, my nerves went and my authentic somewhat shy self kicked in. And I answered straight from the heart… Here is my answer (in one take!) captured on film which is being used for the global launch I’m proud to say…

What Karma-Style sees..

Now you've seen my answer (my hope). Ask yourself the same question.
The women of "What I see" are playing tag team. So it is my pleasure to pass you on to my fellow ‘What I see’ Sister –
Rosie to hear what SHE sees...What Rosie sees...

More information can be found on their Website. Get involved, inspire and be inspired. Tell the world What YOU see!

Peace and Love from me
Camillea @ Karma-Style

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