2009 – What can I say?..A hell of a lot actually!

It was the year that gave birth to Karma-Style (Yay!), to America’s first black president AND his style icon wife (Yay! x2)...Oh yes and we're living through the worst financial crisis in recent modern times..but that's another story..

Late June brought sadness, a dear family friend passed away within the same week as the King of Pop. The negative press on MJ inspired me to put pen to paper and write something positive After this,my passion for writing was realised and unleashed, which in turn opened the door for me to write columns for Matchbox magazine! One thing I’ve learnt is great things can come out of everything, however harsh life can be..On the subject of life, this year, I became a great aunt! Yes I know I look too young and fly, but it’s true!

Fashion-wise it’s been pretty out there – Glam-punk (think Rihanna)and the Avant-garde (think Lady GaGa) ruled. Two surprise hits were jumpsuits and harem pants (I live in mine!). Structure, 80’s power dressing and shoulders all with a noughties space-age twist were huge and will continue to be for a while.. I’ll keep wearing my harems into 2010, the guys at the office will keep teasing and emailing me pics of MC Hammer! (I keep telling them mine are more Aladdin than MC Hammer as the crotch isn’t low!)

2009 was also, to quote Ne-yo, "The Year of the Gentlemen” the bar was raised big time, the styling of 2 and 3 piece suits has made us all sit up and take notice. The choices and colours are vast, pretty amazing actually. We are all dressing up again (Hallelujah!) My theory; the shift is psychological and has happened due to the world’s financial turmoil and consequent upheaval in people’s lives. Therefore to lift our spirits, the fashion industry (and we) have upped the glam factor with less throw away casual looks and more steadfast chic classics and bling fashion.

I've also discovered that my writing style is unusual in comparison to my fellow fashion bloggers out there. My blogs are long; I don’t promote any products, most of them don’t have pictures, I publish monthly etc..Saying that, I write what comes to me, I feel it, then tell the story. You all know I’m about reinvention, so I will aim to write more than one a month on blogspot, in the shorter, traditional sense of fashion/style blogs, in between my stories which will keep their monthly slot. It’s my essence, can’t lose that!

So for 2010, be cool, be Stylish but most importantly, be happy people..

Lastly, a big thank you for supporting Karma-Style and reading my long a** blogs. I’m on a roll now so please stick around for 2010.

Happy New Year!

© Camille Adomakoh – Karma-Style